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I know it is a basic no-no to hard code user's names into formulas , but sometimes it can't be helped.  Anyway my question is this, Suppose a manager leaves the company and a new one is hired to replace him/her. Is there a tool that one could use on a database to seek out and replace the old name with the new one?  Or even(and I know the first question was stretching it) a tool that could do this on multiple databases at a time? I am entering 25 points in case the answer is no, but would like to give something for effort. If I am given useful information, I will bump it to 250.  Thanks in advance.
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change name via admin may not help you because you are bringing in a new person and not an existing persons name change.

Did you try options with Teamstudio ? It can do lots of wonders !!!

Its TeamStudio Configurator..... !!!

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As arun has poitnted out, Teamstudio is an excellent tool but rememebr it's not free, so if it is a hardcoded field, then u can write an agent and do a all document level search. If it is a part of the design element, then i would prefer you to take a design synopsis and paste it in a word , and do a find and replace....

Arun , long since i snatched ur points

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We are talking about Data change and not design element changes !!!

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I have given answer for both.

if its data change just write a agent to run on all documents with this simpel formula


Hope i make sense

If the names are only used in reader- or authorname type of fields, then use the database' administration server.
For names or text fields, p_partha's agent will do. If names are stored in design elements, a full design change is required. If a manual change is not an option, Configurator will help you out. It'll change any occurance in any place in the design AND in any document.
okay we will share points !
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schmad01Author Commented:
This tool is exactly what I need. I hope it does what it says it can do.  Thanks for the referral.
It does.... I use it myself occasionally. It also recompiles lotusscripts after a modification of script libraries. To be honest, that's what I use it for mostly! Replacements of "use" with "Use" + recompilation.... If I don't I sometimes get all sorts of errors.
Congrats Arun!
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