How to enforce a site wide default for Free / Busy information?


Outlook by default publishes 2 months worth of Free / Busy information. I want to know how to increase this for all users without having to reconfigure everyone's Outlook, i.e. is there a way to set it in Exchange Admin?

We're running Exchange 5.5 SP4 and most clients are Outlook XP.

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It's a client setting. I set mine for all my users via a 3rd party product called ProfileMaker, which of course has other bells and whistles.

You could also track down the registry key and just apply it via a login script. If you can justify the purchase, I recommend a 3rd party product such as above though.
The keyname to look for is FBPublishRange

"Outlook 2000 defaults to publication of 2 months' worth of free/busy information. You can change that default in Tools, Options, Calendar Options, Free/Busy Options.

This setting is in the user's Windows registry, so you could also include a .reg file in your logon script to make the change. In the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\9.0\Outlook\Preferences registry subkey, look for FBPublishRange, a REG_DWORD value that represents the number of months to publish free/busy data (up to 12)."

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Download the ORK for your Outlook version from MS web site:

There you can find the policy templates (ADM files) for office. Use Policy editor, add the ADM files for office / outlook and change the settings for free busy times within the policy.
Save the file as ntconfig.pol within your NETLOGON directory.

From now on, these setting schould be applied to all your NT4 machines.
jonmeddAuthor Commented:
That'll do for me JasonBigham. Thanks very much!
jonmedd: as I have understood your question right, you searched for a solution to do it without accessing every client? Isn't it?
jonmeddAuthor Commented:
Yes, and since JasonBigham's answer lets me modify the clients via login script then that is good enough for me as it appears it is not possible to set it within Exchange.

Your answer was appreciated, but its a similar solution and since he got in first his is the answer I've accepted.

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