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Adding Subject and From to sendmail

Posted on 2003-10-30
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2008-02-01
Hi, based on server restrictions and a recently asked question, I am sending text file attachments using

system("cat nc/jh10083.txt | unix2dos | uuencode nc/jh10083.txt | /usr/sbin/sendmail -f me\ me\");

How do I add Subject, From, and possibly text in the body of the email?
(the -f did not show the From when received)

A previous question described

echo -e "Subject: A subject\n\nMessage text" | sendmail -f my@address recipient@address

to add the Subject

But I couldn’t put it all together.

Question by:BrentNJ
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Expert Comment

ID: 9653503
You *really* would have been better off using MIME::Lite as it is easier to set all these things, plus it makes it much more portable when moving between systems.

Was there any good reason you decided against using MIME::Lite?


Author Comment

ID: 9654550
Well, issue 5 got worse -

5) MIME::Lite with open (SENDMAIL, "| /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -oi");
$msg->print(\*SENDMAIL); close(SENDMAIL);
works great, but also adds the text file contents into the body of the email itself.

Now the text only shows up in the body, no longer with the attachment.

The last cutoff for registration is coming up. I expect a rush of last minute sign-ups, so I need to get something going.

If you have any other ideas please let me know.


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Expert Comment

ID: 9654681
If you are using sendmail with MIME::Lite, you don't need to explicity print the message to a sendmail stream.

Just doing


will work fine.

If you are not seeing an attachment, please post the test code you are using.  MIME::Lite is a *very* popular module, so I'd be surprised if you were getting any problems due to the module itself.
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Assisted Solution

robysath earned 400 total points
ID: 9654918
You could use your original system call... but use pipes. Open a pipe to the system call for input and open a pipe to sendmail for output. Into sendmail first write
Subject: muhahaha

Then read line at a time from input pipe and write to output pipe.

Author Comment

ID: 9679541
I will try above suggestions.


Author Comment

ID: 9702771

Here is the code. The text file comes through in the body instead of as an attachment. I noticed that the sample for a binary file attachment had a line Encoding => 'base64',
Do I need a similar line for a test attachment?


use MIME::Lite;

$SUBJECT="Any attchement?";

# Create a new multipart message:
$msg = new MIME::Lite
   From    => "$MAILFROM",
   To      => "$MAILTO",
   Cc      => "$MAILCOPY",
   Subject => "$SUBJECT",
   Type    => 'multipart/mixed';

# Add parts (each "attach" has same arguments as "new"):
attach $msg
   Type     => 'text/plain',
   Path     => "$TXTFILE";

# Output the message to sendmail

open (SENDMAIL, "| /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -oi");
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Accepted Solution

Tintin earned 1440 total points
ID: 9711685
Your code above won't even compile.  Try the following version (with coding improvements!!):

use strict;
use MIME::Lite;

my $txtfile="nc/jh10083.txt";    # Should use an absolute path, otherwise you'll get bitten.
my $subject="Any attchement?";
my $mailto='';

my $msg = new MIME::Lite (
   From     => $mailfrom,
   To         => $mailto,
   Subject  => $subject

# Add attachment
$msg->attach (
   Type       => 'TEXT',
   Path        => $txtfile,
   Filename => 'Text file'


Author Comment

ID: 9724797
Will do. I'll try it now.

Author Comment

ID: 9724845
Message arrived with no attachment and no text in body of message.

Author Comment

ID: 9724926
I did use an absolute path for my $txtfile.
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Expert Comment

ID: 9728363
I was assuming the path you gave in your sample code was the actual path, hence the reason I made the comment about using absolute paths.

Before you construct the mail message, add:

die "$txtfile not found" unless -f $txtfile;

And see what the result is.

Author Comment

ID: 9882169
Thanks everyone for your help. It works but not consistently. I will probably change hosting services next year.

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