Setting up Exchange 5.5 / Mdeamon with ADSL connection

We are about to get an ADSL connection, and register a domain name with a host who will provide us with a master mailbox.
How can I download the mail that we get to this mailbox at the website to a local exchange 5.5  or mdeamon server and distribute the mail locally to the respective users.

For example – I receive mail from allover to this mailbox …… this goes in to the master mailbox, do I need to be consented about the mx record and dns or will my web host set the pointers for me.
How can I set up my local server to pull mail from this master mailbox?
My ISP will only provide the link only, as I will not have a static ip how can I configure this to work or is it possible to do this sort of setup using exchange 5.5 or mdeamon
Any help, sujeshens welcome.

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OneHumpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could have your ISP queue your email, if they will and use turn/eturn to schedule transmission.  I probably wouldnt put a server of any sort up with a dynamic IP though.

Best of luck.

You cannot pull from a web link.  You can however, use SMTP or POP to pull.

If you are interested in configuring your server to accept email for your domani directly from the Internet, I can tell you how to do that as well.

Please let me know what you would like to do.

Well your planned scenario should work fine. I presume your "master mailbox" as you call it will be a POP based system which wouldn't immediately be compatible with Exchange 5.5 but I think it would work with Mdaemon (not that I know much about Mdaemon).

If you've got the choice though I'd still go for Exchange 5.5 (much more feature rich). You could use a tool such as EFS ( to download your mail from your POP mailbox and pass it to your Exchange Server. You'd install the Internet Mail Service on your Exchange 5.5 server and just use SMTP to deliver your mail using DNS or a smart relay server on your service providers network.

You wouldn't need to worry about DNS and MX records as your service provider will take care of that for you.
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fsamatAuthor Commented:
Yes please I’d like the info on configuring the mail server to pull mail. I think the mailbox is POP what would you recommend Exchange or Mdeamond


I also like to use exchange rather than Mdeamon but keeping my options open as I have not done any thing like this before.
I can't make a recomendation there because I know nothing about Mdaemon other than it's a "standards based email server".  :)

If you want email directly from the Internet, here is what you need to do

1.  Create an Internet Mail Service on your Exchange server

Check all of these links:

Serving up internet mail connections

Restricting IMC routing;en-us;Q196626&sd=tech

Preventing IMC relaying;en-us;Q193922&sd=tech

Securing the Internet Mail Service

2.  Have your ISP create a PTR (reverse lookup) record for your IP address
3.  Test test test

Check this link for information on using telnet to test your SMTP server.

Untangling Email

4.  Have your DNS provider add an MX record for your domain that references your new server.  Make this new record a lower preference than the existing record.  If something goes horribly wrong, just shut down your Internet Mail Service and the old SMTP server will be used.

Please don't try to do any of this without research.  You must know what you are doing before supporting your own Internet Email server or you will be very frustrated.  This is true for all platforms.

Good Luck!

fsamatAuthor Commented:
HI OneHump
The problem is I don’t get a static IP with ADSL so cant set a MX record, if this was the case I would have set up the server with out any problem.

May be I will try other options as well will get back this.
Yes I think some research is in order

I will try your option as well to see weather this will work

Regards & thanks guys will get back soon hopefully with good news
rj-smithConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I've come across your scenario on many occasions and there's no reason why this won't work. Your ISP will receive all mail sent to your domain into your POP mailbox you simply need to use a POP enabled application to download this mail. I think Mdaemon can do that with any additional software, while Exchange would require a tool like EFS (although there are many other tools available). In this scenario a static IP address is not necessary for your server.

Your outbound email will be sent using SMTP to either a smart relay (check the info from your ISP, they may have supplied you with an IP address for outbound mail) or simply using DNS (make sure your server has your ISPs DNS server addresses configured).

As I said I'd go for Exchange if you'd like to use the extra features available with it. I don't know Mdaemon that well but you'll find far more info and support available on the Web for Exchange than you would for Mdaemon.

Hope that helps.
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Thanks!  :)

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