Restoring old user profile

I njust had to reinstall xp on my home computer. I restored my old desktop settings. But when I reboot I do not have a choice to use these. I can see them in windows explorer they was restored. I am wanting to use my cookies and desktop settings. I guess I am wanting to know how to import this old user profile ? or another is there another way of doing this ?
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Right -click on "Start" and select explore.  The tree that comes up on the left of your screen will, by default, be open at the profile you are currently logged in under.  Simply copy your old copies of your "desktop", "Favorites", "Cookies" "My Documents", etc into the appropriate folders in that profile.  The only problem you may run into is that you may have to repoint  some of the shortcuts (apps, network drives) on your desktop.
To restore shortcut paths, right click on the shortcut and go to properties: click on the "shortcut" tab and in the "target" box, type the correct path.
mrwebmasterAuthor Commented:
I get the error message "cannot copy index access is denied
make sure disk is not full or write-protected and thatb the file is not currently in use
If I do not copy the index file and only the cookies I get a simmeler err.
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Yes, you cannot copy the index file.........just select everything but that, and copy reason for the cookies not to copy.....unless you don't have the right permissions on those folders.
mrwebmasterAuthor Commented:
When I only a cookie (1 or several it makes no differance)
I cannot paste it I get the same error
I still cannot copy any cookies or desktop settings. I have also signed on as another user with adman permissions, this does not help either.
Please Advise
Check the attributes of the files/folders your cookies etc are stored in.......are they set to read only?
mrwebmasterAuthor Commented:
Yes the directory I want to copy from is read only, The only other option I could change it to is "hidden"

I also have a system restore disk that has some ".sif" files on it but cannot restore it either. Did microsoft overlook the fact that when you backup a user profile, you might need one day to restore it again?

Please advise
Remove the check mark from the read only box.  Do not check the hidden box.
mrwebmasterAuthor Commented:
When I uncheck the box it prompts me with the fallowing
an error accured while applying attributes to this file

Please advise
Make sure the profile you are logged in under has local admin powers....beyond that, I'm getting stumped.

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Once you've reinstalled Xp, the old profiles weren't yours anymore.
Log on with a different administrator account than the one you want to copy your old profile to.
Create a backup of your new profile: Create a folder "ProfileBackup" some place, right-click "My Computer", choose "Properties", go to the "Advanced" tab, click "Settings" in the "User Profiles" field. Highlight the profile of the account you want to restore, click "Copy to", browse to the "ProfileBackup" folder.
Open Explorer and delete everything in your new profile folder, but leave the folder.
Take ownership of your old profile folder (probably in C:\Documents and Settings).

HOW TO: Take Ownership of a File or Folder in Windows XP

Copy everything from the old profile folder into your new profile folder using Explorer; this should work now that you have ownership of the files. Then use "Method III" (editing the registry) in the article below to make sure that your new user has access to the registry (ntuser.dat).

How to Update Permissions for User Profiles

Log on with the new user, and you should have all of your old settings back.
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