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How to use meta tags so my site will be indexed in as much as search engines. I know that each search engine has different algorithm for indexing and i know also that this algoritham is changing frequently.
What about the software for quick submitting ? are they valueable ?
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shalitd -

Title, Description and Keywords are the only ones you need to use. All the search engines ignore all the other metas and Google only ever looks at Title and Description.

Software submitting is a waste of time and in certain circumstances can be counter productive. Just submit by hand to the top few search engines.

The most important thing to do is obtain links from other websites to yours, so called inbound links. Once you have these all the search engines will find you, simply because they follow links. The more inbound links you have the better. They should all have your key word(s) in the anchor text like this <a href="">anchor text</a>

Hope that helps.

- duz


Check the links that I have given here

Very useful information


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>> and Google only ever looks at Title and Description.
wrong, google will also index the keywords and description.
I've seen those displayed in a google-search on one of my sites!

insert the keywords and description on every page; match those with the actual content of the page.

>>What about the software for quick submitting ? are they valueable ?
they are available, but are an absolute waste of your time and money; don't use them as you can be punished by search engines, mostly by removing you from the index.

one top tip: don't try to fool search engines, you *will* be punished for that!
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>> and Google only ever looks at Title and Description.
wrong, google will also index the keywords and description.
I've seen those displayed in a google-search on one of my sites!

Yes so have I but not indexed which is what the questioner and I were talking about. Never quote someone out of context. I repeat - Keyword tags are not needed for Google and will have no effect whatsoever.

- duz

I still stand with my comment.
Google does index the keywords and description as well as the content.
Not with more priority then the rest of the page, but they are used.
Google indexes those as if it were content of the rest of the page; so saying it has "no effect" isn't correct. It has effect, *perhaps no magical effect*, but it has effect.

Google will most likely check if the contents of the keywords match with the contents of your page (ie: words in keywords are also used in the real content).
If so, you probably did a good job making the page and Google knows that the keywords are probably more important to you then the rest of the contents.

I see it as a sort of suggestion for Google for wich words are mostly about the page.
DoppyNL -

Well all you have to do then is post a URL here where the only occurrence of a word is in the keywords tag and Google has indexed for it.  

If you are unable to produce one simple example then you are mistaken.

- duz

As a lagniappe, don't forget to use common misspellings of your keywords too since folks may search on a mis-typed word.
Here is a really good article all about meta tags.
Inktomi, Teoma Support the Keywords Meta Tag.
AllTheWeb, AltaVista, Google do not support it.

Here is a brakdown of which meta tags each serach engine supports

To increase you chance of being listed higher on serach engines you need to increase links to your site but you must also optimize your content so that people will want to link to your site.

Having the keyword that you would like to optimize your site for naturally mentioned often throught your site is a good way to increase your ranking. Also by having a domain name with the keyword you are looking for in it will increase your rankings also.
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