will i be able to add a second hdd to this type of pc?

hello, at the moment i have a 6gb hdd, and wanted to add a 120 gb 7200rpm hdd to my system! so will it be possible with my system spec below:

256MB Ram
intel celeron 330mhz processor
windows 98

im not sure really what makes a hdd compatable! so if u need more info about my system to help me please post a comment>

many thanks

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Check out the motherboard model.. if you can't tell what the model is, get some kinda pc inventory software to check for you (download.com has a software called Belarc Advisor you can DL for free to check what it is).  

From there, go w/ that info to the manufacturer's web site (for the motherboard).. and go into the tech help for that particular board.  

Supported drive size is a common question, and they're bound to have it.

Judging by the sound of your setup, you'll PROBABLY be able to use it w/out problem.. but it'd still be wise to check
Ok, without more precise system info (MoBo/BIOS make/model/version) I cannot say for sure. However, I can give you the two most likely Answers: 1: Yes it will work fine. 2: It will read, but due to the age of the computer it does not have extension 13 (or maybe it's 14 but that doesn't matter) ability, so the PC will read it as an 8.4GB HD. Either way the HD should read, but if it only reads at 8.4GB, you will not be able to add any HD larger than that size. (Well you can, but it will only read at 8.4) Sorry if thats not precise enough, but without more info thats the best I can do.

No. You are incompatible.

To prove me wrong, check the bios setup.  You might be able to add 60 GB.

What makes it compatible is the OS, including bios (assuming also, plug-compatible, such as IDE or SCSI)

the speed of your processor, 330 celeron doesn't matter so much as to roughly date is as probably too old.

To know better, catch all the ID of the BIOS as you bootup. Then the info is probably on the web. But by now if you want that size drive, you probably need at least 2-4 times the horsepower (cpu) to run, to operate enjoyably with the more recent programs and tools as well. The ram's a little low too, but if not dissatisfied, yet, a good 3D card with 32-64MB will help extend the useful life.

But for the HD, I vote a No, I doubt it.

A better answer than bios check it finding friendly one in town that sells HDs.  Bring in the PC, and have them put in the biggest that they think will fit.  You'll then have the proof before your eyes, possibly better answer than you get here - including a good discount.  Look for someone who builds pc's for others, and sells parts on the side.

Also: this is better asked in the Hardware topic. You'll get better informed answers there for hardware questions like this.

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Good point.. if it's not going to support that large of a drive, the size it recognizes is the max, so you should either look into replacing the motherboard or breakin down and goin for a smaller drive.
Oh. So two comments got in before mine. I type too slow. On rereading, I'll leave it as is, waiting on the answer from the asker, except to say that I agree also with the part above from Yargnit that it (bios) may access HD but only see part of the drive, not the whole drive.    So that leaves it vague whether you can use it or not. If it was mine, I'd want to access all the GB, or assume there is a compatibility issue.
> replacing the motherboard or breakin down and goin for a smaller drive.

yep, as said, I'm prejudiced, to go for the new board, the speed and size for new programs doesn't account for older models. In the meantime, consider this - other people are upgrading their PCs, where is their old stuff going? Maybe you can get a hand-me-down 8 GB to tide you over while the market generates even bigger and faster models.
Settling for a smaller drive might not be the only option other than replacing the board.  You can always pick up an IDE expansion card to add on up to 4 more hard drives.  It won't be one big drive, it'll be lots of smaller ones.. they add up..
Webby001Author Commented:
well, thanks for the feed back! i will follow up with what has been posted,n reward the apoints A.S.A.P! if n e 1 is interested the hdd that i was lukin at is a samusng 120 GB 7200 rpm and is £50.53! i think its a bargin at that price!
well many thanks to all


Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
I doubt if it will work on your system without extra hardware as stated by the other experts above.

..... you can add an extra PCI IDE controller wich can support those drives, take a look at => http://www.pricewatch.com/1/44/4886-1.htm <= the cards listed here should all be able to support that harddrive.


Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Also, take a look at this question: http:Q_20781630.html it has some good information.

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