Need advice on selection of 36GB 10k Ultra 210 SCSI Running on Raid 5

I have a 4400 Poweredge server from Dell.  Currently it has four 9 gb drives and we are looking to upgrade to four 36gb drives.  Through Dell the price is $249 a piece, I have found other drives that are cheaper, but need advice on what brand to buy for compatibility issues as well as the lowest price<----I know this may sound a bit like an oxymoron, but I'm just trying to save the company a little money, we're small, ya know.  I'm running a ACPT x86 Family Model 8 Stepping 3 processor, and a Dell Perc3/Di Raid controller, with 523,816 kb of RAM, not sure of origin of RAM.  Any help would be appericiated.
Rob E
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mjschiff_redwardsAuthor Commented:
Oh yea, the computer is running windows server 2000 sp4
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
I had good results with this drive:
FUJITSU 36.4GB 10000RPM ULTRA SCSI SCA (it's for sale for around $80.=) I have 3 of them in my intel server. You're worried about compatibility issues you said...
... As far as I know this drive should work on this Dell server and not cause any problem.


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mjschiff_redwardsAuthor Commented:
where did you find it for $80?
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mjschiff_redwardsAuthor Commented:
I need the 1"
To be quite honest, I would just go with what sells with the machine.  It may be more expensive up front...but since it is don't want to go cheap.  I have learned the lesson the hard way...there are some viable reasons for saving the company money, but hard disks is not one of the times you want to do that.  

I have all Compaq servers & only buy Compaq drives that are warantied with my system...sure, that's more expensive...but how much would it cost your company if the hard drive that you buy goes out & takes a week to replace, and then you lose data?  Get one from Dell with the same day replacement and you'll find yourself very thankful.

Things like CD-rom, memory & stuff like that you can buy cheaper...because that is replaceable easily without risking data loss.

Get my point?
mjschiff_redwardsAuthor Commented:
this is a backup server, just in case, and we are also talking about a $120 cost savings, not a lot, but enough.  The fuji hard drives also seem to be warranteed for 3 years, while the server itself is out of warranty, and the drives from dell have no warranty.  We are also talking about buying four drives so at two of them would have to die for a complete failure, I think.
Well, that's fine...I'm just saying to weigh the cost. You can buy a Geo Metro for a quarter of the price of an Accord...but how many Metros do you have to buy to outlast the Accord?

If it isn't a critical server, then sure, save some money, otherwise,I would seriously recommend spending the 120 more, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing.
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
>where did you find it for $80?
Here in the netherlands, but I also checked the price at and found out that it was even cheaper in the USA.

Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Glad to help.

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