installing windows 98 se on an old pc

I heritated an old computer, don't know what has been done with it, but it was formated when I got it.  I am trying to install windows 98 se on it but it doesn't want to read from the cdrom.  When starting up, it says that the cd rom drive is installed 00XFD1 E.  I don't find anything under e-drive though.  I have to start the computer up with a start disk.  I found out that the cd rom is installed under H:\.  Although the commands "scandisk" or "dir" are not able to read the station, it says: "cdr101 : not ready, buzy reading station H" - then after a while it gives me the option: abort, try again, failure"
How can I have it read my cd rom drive and then have windows installed again?
PS I also checked the bios - I don't have an option to set the cd rom as first bootable device

can anyone help?

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    May sure you have a startup disk with CD Rom driver.  If you don't have one, go to to get one.  Get the Windows 98 OEM version. Then start up the old computer with the boot disk. Select with CD-ROM support.  Put the Windows 98 disk in the CD-ROM. Now type setup.
If still no joy, you may have a bad drive, cable, or ide channel on the mobo. See if the CD drive will work on another computer or another drive on this one.

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..and also clean the win98 CD, it may be dirty, put another CD in the drive and do DIR from DOPS, can it read that?

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typo, not DOPS = DOS.
derrayAuthor Commented:
I have a starup disk with cd rom driver and the windows 98 oem version.  Have started up the computer with the boot disk and choosing with cd-rom support.  When I type setup, I get the message: "CDR101: Not ready reading drive G - Abort, Retry, Fail?".
In the mean while, I have succeeded a few times though to see the contenens of the windows cd after the command "dir".  This was only a few times yesterday though, it could also read other cd's.  Today it only gives me the "not rady reading drive g" again.

Is there an other way to get it working besides getting the cd drive out and replacing it by an other?  I'm not that good in dismanteling computers.


derrayAuthor Commented:
PS.  the times it was able to read the directory, it gave me the "not ready" message when after the reading I gave the command "setup".
Boot from the boot disk.

At the top of the screen when the disk has finished booting it will tell you the cd-rom drive letter something like
H: or E: or R: etc

type the drive letter followed by the two dots e.g >>> H:
then type CD WIN98

then type SETUP and press return

derrayAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately Coral47, you were right.  I have put an other cd drive in the computer and there it went.......
anyway, my problems are solved now and I have an old machine cleanly installed.  
Thank you all.

derrayAuthor Commented:
Seems like I have an other problem now though  - as soon as I have windows installed, and the computer comes to the Windows Welcome page, my screen turns black (with one vertical white line in it for a second).  When I turn the monitor off and on again, I can see my desktop for a second and then the same happens.  
Suggestions anyone?
Thank you much.    : )

Try testing the monitor on another system, if OK, then the videocard or connection to the card is bad. Try resetting the card, make sure the pins on the monitor cable are not bent, try the card in another system, another card in this system,  ( note: swapping parts is a big testing procedure ) check video drivers, does it do this in SafeMode? If no, then it probably is the drivers.  Let us know what happens.   : )
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