viewing multipage TIFs in VB6 ActiveX control

I need to be able to view multipage TIF documents using a Vb ActiveX control.  I tried the 'preview' control in Vb6, but I cannot figure out how to navigate between pages.  ideas?
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Try using Kodak's imaging controls.

ImgEdit, and ImgThumbnail are the controls that you need.
ImgEdit is used to display and/or edit a single page of a certain TIF, and ImgThumbnail is used to display all of the pages in a single TIF.

 Here are some examples:

To display a TIF inside a thumbnail control, use:       >>  ImgThumbnail1.Image = "E:\temp\picture.tif"  <<          This will display thumbnails of all the pages in that TIF

To display it in full size inside a ImgEdit:      

    ImgEdit1.Image = "E:\temp\picture.tif"     'Load a TIF    
    ImgEdit1.Page = 3                                  'Set which page to display
    ImgEdit1.FitTo 0, True                            'Autofit
    ImgEdit1.Display                                     'Display

Thieese controls can display some other formats as well, but are designed for TIF, and should be already installed on your machine.
If you can't locate them, their file names are:      ImgEdit.ocx   and     ImgThumb.ocx

I forgot:

Use       >>    ImgEdit1.SelectionRectangle = False     <<     to turn off the Selection Rectangle if you don't need it.

Here are some useful methods, and properties for managing images:

ImgEdit1.Zoom = 100           'Set the zoom percentage
ImgEdit1.PrintImage             'Send image to printer
ImgEdit1.ScrollImage           'If image is bigger than the control window that is displaying it then use this to scroll image
ImgEdit1.Flip                       'Rotate 180 deg.
ImgEdit1.RotateRight            'Rotate 90 deg.
ImgEdit1.RotateLeft              'Rotate 270 deg.
jasonlassenAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help, but those files do not exist on my machine.  I am running XP Pro and have VB6 installed.  
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XP doesn't provide theese controls, and I think they don't work on XP.

Sorry, but I can't help you further. I never used any other controls.
jasonlassenAuthor Commented:
Thanks anyway for the help.
Any other ideas out there?
Hi again.

If you are still interested in imgedit.ocx, then there is a way to make it work under WinXP. I just found that out recently.

Copy theese files to your System32 folder:


Then Start -> Run:      Regsvr32 imgedit.ocx

This should enable Image Edit control in Project/Properties
jasonlassenAuthor Commented:
#1 - where do I get these files?
#2 - will this allow me to view multi-page tiff files without the editing capabilities?  (I don't want to edit, I only want to view.  It sounds as if this has something to do with editing - imgEDIT.ocx?)
Thanks again!
According to author of that list, theese files can be found on any older Windows version. I'm not sure about others but I have found them all on Win2000 Professional.
I haven't tried to find them on the internet either. I'd put them on my homepage for you to download, but I'm not sure if this is legal, so I won't.

P.S. Don't worry, theese files won't corrupt your Win XP as long as you don't overwrite the files that you already have ( if you have )

Control's name is Image Edit, but you don't have to use the editting functions. Editting functions are not active by default, so this shouldn't bother you at all, but they are there if you ever need them.

If you realy don't want the editting capability then you have another control, ImgThumb.Ocx. It also comes in the package. It is used for displaying thumbnails of the images that are in a multi-page tifs, but it is not very flexible or usefull on it's own. It is more usefull when combined with Image Edit control as an preview tool, where user selects a page of a multi-page TIF, and then the Image Edit control which displays the page in full size, and provides all functions ( zoom, rotate, sliding, Auto Fit, Printing, Editing etc.)

Hope this helps. If you make it work, and need some help on using theese controls, just ask. I have one or more sample projects to give you if you want.

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