get the number of checked boxes using jsp

i have made a form in jsp with will i count the number of boxes that are checked and pass it to another page?
thanks.hope you can help me on this one.
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Ryan ChongCommented:
You can try like:

String[] myarray = request.getParameterValues("chk");

if (myarray.length > 0) {
      for (int i=0;i<myarray.length;i++) {
in your page1.jsp

<form method = post action = page2.jsp>
<input type = checkbox name = "ckbox" value = "one">
<input type = checkbox name = "ckbox" value = "two">
<input type = checkbox name = "ckbox" value = "three">
<input type = checkbox name = "ckbox" value = "four">

in your servelt or in the next JSP
String arr[] = request.getParameterValues("ckbox");

int count = arr.length(); // here you have ">count the number of boxes that are checked"



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Kindly correct me if I am worng.

the method "request.getParameterValues("ckbox");" would return only those values that are checked or radiobox or chekcbox right?


kurisuchine22 ,
you can do this in JavaScript also.

<form method = post action = page2.jsp onsubmit  = "javascript:count()">
<input type = checkbox name = "ckbox" value = "one">
<input type = checkbox name = "ckbox" value = "two">
<input type = checkbox name = "ckbox" value = "three">
<input type = checkbox name = "ckbox" value = "four">

<input type = hidden name = "count" value = "0">


in between the <head > and </head> of html add the sript

<script language = "javascript">
function count()
var count = 0;
for(int i = 0; i< document.ckbox.length() ;i++)
 if(document.ckbox[i].value.checked == true)
 document.count.value = count;
return count

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code snippet also available from

Hope this helps
Ryan ChongCommented:
>>the method "request.getParameterValues("ckbox");" would return only those values that are checked or radiobox or chekcbox right?

That's true, not only in JSP, in other scripting language like ASP, only selected items will be included as parameter. Use request.getParameterValues(parametername) if more that 1 instance of parametername is available on the submit form, while use common request.getParameter(parametername) if only 1 instance of parametername is found in that particular form.

Hope this is clear.

Crystal clear :) Thx
kurisuchine22Author Commented:
sorry but i can't give the points to you all,i have tried it all and none of this worked.though applekanna is partly right,it still didn't work.

i have tried this code and it worked:
String[] arr = request.getParameterValues("myarray");
int arrnum = arr.length;

because .length() is a class. so i used .length instead.
but i appreciate all of you for taking time to answer my question.hope you can help me on my other hard feelings.

i know we are all here to learn.:-)
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