compiling simple c++ pgm

Im trying to learn C++ by following sample pgms from a book. But as I compile the pgm, "error spawning c1.exe" message is displayed. This pgm, by the  way, is just a simple 'Hello World' pgm. Please help.
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Please, post your code cyar
What is the OS and compiler you are using.  And post your code
It sounds like you are trying to compile C++ from the command line using the Microsoft compiler.
To do that you must first run vcvars32.bat to set up the appropriate environment variables,
including the search path used to locate the compiler executables.  Unfortunately, vcvars32.bat
is located in the same directory as the compiler, but that directory won't be on the path until
you have run vcvars32.bat.

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c1.exe isn't something in VC 6 or 7. It looks like a typo for cl.exe (which is the VC command line compiler)... or are you using MinGW?
> c1.exe isn't something in VC 6 or 7.

Yes it is.  c1.exe is the first pass of the MSVC/C++ compiler.  cl.exe is a small program that runs
c1.exe, c2.exe, c3.exe [?], and link.  In fact, "cl" stands for "compile and link".
I see c1.dll but not c1.exe. Is that a ye-olde version?
I did a google search on c1.exe, and all that came up reffered to Python.

I dont' think your using the right stuff....
In any event, sounds like Paths and environment variables are not set correctly.....
Another Side Note:
Just found c1.exe on my machine, but it appears to be used for Visual J++ as it in my VisualStudio\VJ folder.
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if you have the program on a CD and you are trying to compile it won't work since a
CD-ROM is read only.
Copy the file to your hard disk and then retry.
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