Visustin - has anyone used this?

Visustin is a program that flowcharts your code by dropping the code in their interface.

has anyone used this and what do you like and dislike about it?
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a_pravarakhyaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have used Visustin few months ago, but I couldnt find it much helpful as it tries to flowchart each and every line of the code. Obviously, it cannot/doesnt give high level flow chart from the program. Yes, its confined to single method only and cannot go upto modular level. This is also one of the cons.

Besides this, I found that if there are a lot of switches and loops, the flow chart tends to become complex which is difficult to read (reading the code instead, is easier)

I have not used it myself but I found a good review of the product here:

Looks like a good review, it was writen by Visual Studio Magazine.

Hope you find it usefull
It was only one page, her's the summary:

Easy to use; creates a thorough flowchart for a method.

Designed to work with single methods only; doesn't flowchart an entire module.
dba123Author Commented:
SNilsson, thanks, that is the artcle that I discovered it from

I gave the points to Pravarakhya since he gave more info on how the program reacts on more complex code such as loops, etc.
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