read memory

how to read memory used by other program that run in window
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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:

Windows protects the memory space of every application so you can't just access the memory space of another application just like that. Your application just gets 4 GB of memory all for itself. Most of it non-existant but still, all your application can see is it's own memory space.

Now, it is possible to access memory from another process but if I'm not mistaken then this requires the injection of a DLL into another process. A complicated technique that requires a good knowledge of the Windows API and a good experience in software development in general. You then have to communicate with this DLL in the other process in some way to tell that DLL to retrieve data from somewhere.
It could be possible that there's an easier technique than DLL injection but I haven't heard about it.

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Windows 95/98/ME aren't protected, though.
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ReadProcessMemory and WriteProcessMemory are what you're
looking for. But BEWARE:

Doing it is OUTRAGEOUSLY dangerous.

When you're at it, no one can stop you.
That means that processes are at your mercy and if you
don't know *exacty* what you're doing... well...
I warmly discourage it.


Madshi is the guy that can help you with this sort of thing...

Paging Madshi :-)
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