To Do Folders

Just as mail can be organised in folders, is there an easy way to create and manage To Do's in folders?
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YES!  Its a little bit tricky to get the folder organized in the to do outlines though.
You can create a folder just like regular one Create-Folder.

Go to the to-do list and select items and use Actions - Move to folder.
Select the folder and move the docs there.

To view the contents of this folder you can either go to the mailbox where you can find this folder or use View - Goto and select the folder  !!!


Dirty but it works.
Hi Macavity12345,

Yes, but it will not be "as neat."
1) Choose ACTIONS -> MOVE TO FOLDER from the menu.
2) A list of yoru existing e-Mail flders will appear
3) Choose a folder or create a new one as usual

There are two problems:
1) The folder list does not appear when you are in your to-do's.  You will either have to access the folder via the Main portion of Notes, or use View -> Goto... whenn in to-do's
2) The standard folder design is not very god for to-do's.  The subject will show up, but not status, and teh icon may not be correct

We can get around #2 easily. When you create a folder for your to-do's:
3) Click COPY FROM
4) Choose "To Do" from teh list
5) Click OK
6) Give the folder a name
7) Click OK
8) Click ADD

We can also get around #1, but it will bemore difficult, involving changes to the system design

Best regards,

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Wow, Arun, you managed to get two comments in while I was typing all that!
Macavity12345Author Commented:
That was quite fast, and next time round I'll be more specific. The thing is, I did what both qwaletee said (incl. Arun's fast response).  In fact also went to Designer and selected the Action "Move to folder..." to appear in View ($ToDo).  

It worked more or less fine, except for oddities like - if I click on New To Do from within a folder, it does not add it to the folder (I have to move it there later), etc.  

If there is a better solution yell, and I'll post again for specifics.

> It worked more or less fine, except for oddities like - if I click on New To
> Do from within a folder, it does not add it to the folder (I have to move it
> there later), etc.  

Not sure what that meant.  Do you mean that if you create a new To Do while in a folder, the new To Do does not automatically appear in the folder? The same is true of mail messages. Go to a flder, click New memo, type some stuff, and click Save As Draft.  It will *****NOT***** appear in the folder automatically!!!

Yo would nee dto add more code to make this automaticallyhappen.  You are probably looking for the equivalent of Send-and-File.
Macavity12345Author Commented:

Yes - you got that right.  Within a folder, I want to manage all the related To Do's - create new ones, mark old ones complete, assign etc.  Currently, I can use folders only to view already stored tasks, and open individual documents.  

For creating new ones, organising them etc., one has to go to "All Tasks" view, which gets messy as there are a lot of tasks there.
Can you live with it?  Getting beyond this will require a masor effort on your part.
Macavity12345Author Commented:

Yes - reconciled to living with this.  

Thanks for your thoughts on the subj.
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