onMousedown and drag, resize Iframe simultaneously

This code works well for dragging and resizing a div.  I have an iframe inside of a div and I'm having trouble getting it to work..  

There's a couple DIVs defined inside there.. I added the moveable = true to mine and I get 0 for my element when I click on my iframe.  


  DIV {cursor: hand}

<body style="font-family: verdana">
<H2>Simple Drag and Resize Example</h2>
<h4>Use alt-click to multi-select</h4>

<input type=button value="Moving, click to resize"
  onclick="toggleMoveResize(this); return false">

<div moveable=true style="position: absolute;
                   top: 150px; left: 100px;
                   width: 100px; height: 100px;
                   background-color: red;
                     border: solid 2px black">
Click and drag me

<div moveable=true style="position: absolute;
                   top: 150px; left: 250px;
                   width: 100px; height: 100px;
                   background-color: blue;
                     border: solid 2px black">
Click and drag me

<script language="JavaScript">
var activeElements = new Array();
var activeElementCount = 0;

var lTop, lLeft;
var doMove = true;
var doResize = false;

function toggleMoveResize(e) {
  if (doMove) {
    doMove = false;
    doResize = true;
    e.value = "Resizing, Click to Move";
  } else {
    doMove = true;
    doResize = false;
    e.value = "Moving, Click to Resize";

function mousedown() {
  var mp;

  mp = findMoveable(window.event.srcElement);

  if (!window.event.altKey) {
     for (i=0; i<activeElementCount; i++) {
        if (activeElements[i] != mp) {
          activeElements[i].style.borderWidth = "2px";
     if (mp) {
       activeElements[0] = mp;
       activeElementCount = 1;
       mp.style.borderWidth = "4px";
     } else {
       activeElementCount = 0;
  } else {
     if (mp) {
       if (mp.style.borderWidth != "4px") {
         activeElements[activeElementCount] = mp;
         mp.style.borderWidth = "4px";

  window.status = activeElementCount;

  lLeft = window.event.x;
  lTop = window.event.y;

document.onmousedown = mousedown;

function mousemove() {
  var i, dLeft, dTop;

  if (window.event.button == 1) {

    sx = window.event.x;
    sy = window.event.y;

    dLeft = sx - lLeft;
    dTop = sy - lTop;

    for (i=0; i<activeElementCount; i++) {
      if (doMove)
        moveElement(activeElements[i], dLeft, dTop);
      if (doResize)
        resizeElement(activeElements[i], dLeft, dTop);

    lLeft = sx;
    lTop = sy;

    return false;


function moveElement(mp, dLeft, dTop) {
    var e
    e = mp;
    e.style.posTop += dTop;
    e.style.posLeft += dLeft;

function resizeElement(mp, dLeft, dTop) {
    var e;
    e = mp;
    e.style.posHeight += dTop;
    e.style.posWidth += dLeft;

function findMoveable(e) {
  if (e.moveable == 'true')
    return e;

  if (e.tagName == "BODY")
    return null;

  return findMoveable(e.parentElement);

function findDefinedMoveable(e) {
  if ((e.moveable == 'true') || (e.moveable == 'false'))
    return e;

  if (e.tagName == "BODY")
    return null;

  return findDefinedMoveable(e.parentElement);

function rfalse() {
  return false;

document.onmousemove = mousemove;
document.onselectstart = rfalse;





function iframeOpen ( iframeUrl, iframeId ) {          
    parentSelected = true;
    var iframe = document.createElement('iframe');
      var divId = "d"+iframeId;
    iframe.outerHTML = "<div id='"+divId+"' moveable='true' STYLE='position:absolute; top:80; z-index:999; left:150;'> <iframe WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=100% src='"+iframeUrl+"' name='"+iframeId+"' id='"+iframeId+"' allowtransparency frameborder='0' scrolling='no' STYLE='position:absolute; display:block;'></iframe></div>";
    if(!WindowOpened) {
    WindowOpened = true;
    TheFrameOpen = document.frames[iframeId];
    TheWindowOpen = document.getElementById(iframeId);    
    WaitForClose ();
    return TheWindowOpen;
  function iframeClose( iframeId ) {                 
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I wonder you even get an event from the IFRAME!
Iframes are separate windows and separate document context.
You can not capture events from iframe in parent document.

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Depending on the browser, IFrame will/will not work -- remember, it is a Netscape feature initially.

You've asked this same question many ways so far, and the answer is that it will NOT resize in one or more browsers.  Therefore you have 2 choices to solve the problem --

1.  Don't use an IFrame if you want cross-browser compatibility, as it is not reliably resizable.  Instead, use a DIV alone, not an IFrame, or better still, is REAL FRAMES,  and decare it resizable -- that will work in ALL browsers that support frames.  -- or --

2.  Rewrite the entire page wit document.write, in which case you will have to provide anchors at the corner of the IFrame, and onMouseUp, you will have to rewrite the page.

These are the only solutions I know about.  Consider rethinking your page, and don't beat the IFrame to death -- as I recall, it is poorly supported in MSIE, and that is most of your audience, sadly .....
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