Exporting table to DBF and number of decimal spaces

I have this code (below) that works fine with one exception. In my table I have a field set as Double with 9 decimal spaces. When I export the table to DBF it only gives the field 5 decimal places. Anyway to force it to give 9?


Private Sub ExportWebSponsorsGeocodecmd_Click()
On Error GoTo Err_ExportWebSponsorsGeocodecmd_Click
DoCmd.SetWarnings True
DoCmd.TransferDatabase acExport, "dBase III", "\\Clustertor1\storage\SponsorDatabase\GeoCode\", acTable, _
   "tbl_Combined_All_Sponsors", Format(Now(), "mmddyy") & "_GeoCode.dbf"
   MsgBox "File Exported for Geocoding", vbOKOnly, "Finished"
End Sub
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you could try to use a format statement in your query like:
format(field,"0.00000000") as NineDecimals

cmcgregorAuthor Commented:
I dont think there is anywhere to put something like that in the DoCmd.TransferDatabase command.
Just create a query with the fields including the FORMAT statement and use instead of:
acTable, _
acQuery, _

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cmcgregorAuthor Commented:
I thought that would work too but it doesnt. When I create the query and look at it in select mode it has the 9 decimal spaces. When I export it to dbf it changes it to a character field.
Does your dbf table support the number of decimals ?

cmcgregorAuthor Commented:
The access table.? I have the number format set a double with 9 decimal but it always exports 5 decimals.
I export as dbaseIII, dbase V and dbase Iv and none of them work.
No, the dbf table that needs to receive the data.
When that has a max of five, transferring 9 won't work.
Getting a text field with nine decimals could be used to export the file to a .csv file and import that into the .dbf.


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cmcgregorAuthor Commented:
can i do that all through access though? I dont think I can. I am trying to automate the process, so would not want them to have to export to txt then open foxpro import to dbf etc...
I may be out of luck on this one.
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