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how can I find out whats the speed of RAM I have in my windows xp machine?? I know i have 512mb but how can i find out if its pc800 pc or 1066?...i need to know the mhz speed...........is there a utility i should download?? ir can it be doen from windows?? ps i dotn not want to open up the computer and physically see..
James HilloyaAsked:
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CrazyOneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think one or both of these will

system information tool

Belarc Advisor
Yeah with AIDA32 open it to
Motherboard > SPD and you will see it there
Amazing ... Samsung MR16R 082GBN1-CK8 PC800 at 400mhz.
This helped me also.. I'm to lazy to open the box :)

More Points to CrazyOne I guess, and well deserved.

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James HilloyaAuthor Commented:
thanks for yur help but none of those downloads worked.........the first one is dos based when i try to run it form a dos prompt i get errors something about 32 bit envron ment........the sedonc one does not tell me the speed it only tells me tha amount of RAM but the the speed of RAM
Do'h, just as I was looking up about programs, other people nipped in before me! lol
Try this one: http://www.sisoftware.co.uk/index.html?dir=&location=sware_dl&langx=en&a=
The page should detect your OS, etc.
Follow the link to download it (not the professional one, unless you want to pay).
It does work, and it's not dos based, you must have downloaded the 16bit version

aida32ee_385.exe  is the name of the install file, works like a charm
James HilloyaAuthor Commented:
yes you are right ..thanks!!:-)
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