Do I need save2dsk.bin?

I am getting pressed for space on my hard drive and was surprised to see that save2dks.bin uses 143+mb.  I have a 6gb drive and am afraid to delete the file.  I run win98.
Please advise and thanks.

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To My knowledge  ....there should be no   save2dsk.bin  ....

its not a windows could be a virus...or a spyware...etc..

I would recomend  you to  scan for virus....and ...spywares...etc...

any good anti-virus program like..
Norton antivirus......Mcafee's scan  of  pc-Cillin  should do the job..

for spywares....Ad-Aware from  is a recommended one..

hope it helps..
Luc FrankenEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Do you have nero burning rom or some other burning program on your computer, something.bin could be a cd-image, I suggest you try renaming the file, if you don't have any problems after you've done this, you can safely delete it.

☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Yep looks like a CD image file - try something like ISOBuster to examine what it is & if not needed delete away!
M :o)
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this file is for hibernation on his laptop. It can be deleted, but it may be recreated if the laptop "goes to sleep"

Do not delete this file it is an intergral part of the way your laptop responds to windows.
If you need more space on your HDD check that your file system is FAT32 & not FAT & give your HDD a good defragging.

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yes  My fellow  phillby11  is right.....

for laptop computer   it does create  this file....basically used for  hibernation mode..

but there are conflicting....arguments  about its relevance... some say its neccessary....and have even quoted incidents where they were unable to start  their system....and like some suggested...its normally recreated if  deleted... better safe then sorrow....leave it as it is...

and I fellow for I learned something from them..

hope it helps..
I agree with the latter. I prefer to dump hibernate due to problems, but mainly only run desktops. There are other ways to gain space, such as deleting temporary files and uninstalling product not used. I also do not have 98, so go along with better safe than sorry. Try to prove it out should be as simple as reviewing Explorer fields, such as when the file was created. The hibernate file such be copy of your RAM, and sized accordingly.
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aa18ronAuthor Commented:
Sorry but I have been away and with apologies agree to the forced accept with thanks to those who reached out to help this newbie.

PS I have a laptop.

I just found this line in an autoexec.bat file:

if not exist C:\SAVE2DSK.BIN c:\windows\phdisk /CREATE /FILE /EXIT

It is for your save to disk utility.
aa18ronAuthor Commented:
Thanks, webhat. But can I impose on you to explain.  As you can see from the thread the advice on deleting SAVE2DSK.BIN goes both ways and I have not deleted it.
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