1. I MUST know whether it is possible to create a COM add-in for Outlook Express.
2. I need some help on creating a COM add-in to create a button in Outlook that will:
   - show a button on the standard bar called "Mailfuse"
   - open a new email message when clicked
   - open a stationary from a file on their computer
3. I would also really appreciate the method calls or procedure calls for the functionality im looking for. Thanks!
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Greetings, loureiro!
  No, it is not possible to create an add-in for Outlook Express. That is why it is called "Express".

Sorry, war1
Outlook Express is pretty tightly tied down. It generally doesn't offer but very little interfacing with it. But I am curious as well to find out if somebody kwows if it can be done and how.
>>>it is not possible to create an add-in

That is not entirely case. Both Norton and McAfee have figureg out a way to incorporated a toolbar in OE for thier SpamKiller programs.
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loureiroAuthor Commented:
well i know it can be done one way or another because i have seen it before in express.
loureiro you may be betters served to have this question removed from this area to the http://oldlook.experts-exchange.com/Programming/ area.

Post a question in Community Support and tell them what you want to do. In your question provide them with the link to this question so they know which question you are referring to. :>)

Community Support
loureiroAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot! i will split the points between whoever helps me figure out the problem and yourself.
Hi Loureiro,

Try this link I don't have time too look into it and there might be link that will take you to the right place

By the way this is a good site to keep:

Hi CrazyOne and War1,
Nice to see you all again!!

Have a nice Hollyween,

I use Delphi myself so what I am going to do is post a question over there kind like you posted. And if I get something that seems to work I will pass on the code to you and then you can break it down to the language you use.
So far all I been able to acsertain is these API's are invovled, I think.

SetWindowsHookEx(), CreateRemoteThread(), SetWindowLong(), SetClassLong()

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loureiroAuthor Commented:
do you know of any good books that i could get to help me out with this?
Umm there use to be a book called the Windows API Bible don't know if it is still published or not. What Language are you using?
Well the book is still available but I don't think it has been updated. But I am not sure
No updates, Appleman said he would do no more work on his API books when .NET came out.
Wow, amazingly good problem.... been searching forever.  It is indeed possible since there are a wealth of Outlook Express add-in's available, but how on earth to do it!  
loureiroAuthor Commented:
ok...i ended up outsourcing the problem! there was a solution. we did manage to get our product to work. Thanks anyways guys! im gonna give the points to CrazyOne since he helped out the most. thanks a lot!
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