USB Modem to ethernet router?

I have a bt voyager 100 adsl modem which has a usb connection.
I want to be able to connect this to an ethernet router that serves three computers, to enable all three computers to share the connection, is there any converter or adapter to connect a usb device to the ethernet router?
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Did you purchase this modem or it is a lease from DSL provider?  If you lease it you should ask them to change it to a ethernet modem.  New modem usually comes with both connection build in already.  Better just change modem with an ethernet connection, anyhow here is a link of convertor:

Good luck,
No not that i know of is there any adapter from USB  to ethernet  and  i run into that  same issue  time to time when i setup  home networks. Whos your DSL  provider????  Unlike cable modem providers you would need to purchase a new modem  from your provider..... FRom what i have  reserched you are in the UK and  yes your modem  is only  USB I would call your provider and find out what  models are available  with  ethernet.

Good Luck
Len AbertsCommented:
There are quite a few different adapters on the market, here is a neat one

Just plug and play.....;)
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A USB Ethernet adapter won't do the trick - its the wrong way around!
You'll either have to go for a DSL/Ethernet modem or a router with one built in.
Strangely these modems seem to be rather thin on the ground - you could use the D-Link DSL-300G+ (around £65 + Tony's contribution - sorry VAT)
Your router should have a WAN port - not just a spare LAN port - if it hasn't got one then get a router with integral modem.

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Len AbertsCommented:
My bad!! You will need an additional adapter or USB cord if it is one that is a little box that you plug your USB cord into. Most broadband ISPs only support one computer connection, the USB makes it a little more difficult to connect multiple computers. Another option which works is to install an ethernet card into the computer that your modem is plugged into and connect this to a hub with the other computers and use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing)
As my answer is correct - can provide more info if requ'd - I don't see why the points should just be lost!
I suggest the Netgear DG834 (

that is what i have.
Actually the netgear is better than the one i first suggested.
But, davepusey, that is not the answer to the question. Although it could be an answer to the overall requirement.
none of you answered the question correctly.  What he actually needs is a USB  ----> Ethernet converter, or a hub with that capability.  All of you have suggested Ethernet ---> USB.  This is not what is needed.
What is need was a way of connecting his USB broadband modem to his network but this cannot be done. So what i suggested is a router with a build in modem. I was in exactly the same situation as him and I did this to solve.
The device he neeeds is actually a computer - that's the only thing that has the capability of driving the USB ADSL box and also connecting to the router. However, the questioner asks if there is a converter or adapter which allows connection between the USB ADSL device and the router. The answer to this is NO - a USB Ethernet adapter needs the Computer to drive the USB (hence it's the wrong way round as per my original answer) and an Ethernet USB device is just another name for an USB Ethernet device - held in the other hand!
There would be NO point in connecting the USB modem to a computer and then connecting that to a router because the computer would be doing the routers job.  A router with a buildin modem (like the one i suggested) would completely remove his USB modem from the situation and solve his problem.

Any also, you said in the accepted answer "get a router with integral modem". That is exactly what i've been suggesting all along and now your contradicting your own answer.
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