Warning: Use of undefined constant

I am using a php script for some purpose earlier it was running without any error but now it is displaying some errors mentioned below also an example of script is given.

$getty = $_GET[emladr];
echo $getty;

it displays output as following

Warning: Use of undefined constant emladr - assumed 'emladr' in C:\W3Sites\dummyweb\www\msntr.php on line 2

my page link is :


plese help me to resolve warning message why warning is displayed.


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should be
$getty = $_GET['emladr'];

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Actually I would recommend $HTTP_GET_VARS['emladr']; over $_GET as it helps to secure the site a bit better.

>  Actually I would recommend $HTTP_GET_VARS['emladr']; over $_GET as it helps to secure the site a bit better.

The PHP Manual says that superglobals are preferred, and that the $HTTP_*_VARS arrays are deprecated and likely to go away in a future release. (You will be able to turn them off in PHP5. This isn't and won't be the case with superglobals.)
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Found this from PHP manual:

Since PHP 4.1.0, the preferred method for retrieving external variables is with the superglobals mentioned below. Before this time, people relied on either register_globals or the long predefined PHP arrays ($HTTP_*_VARS). As of PHP 5.0.0, the long PHP predefined variable arrays may be disabled with the register_long_arrays directive.
That's exactly what I was referring to, thanks.
emladr should be in double or single quotes
Single, though I don't think that should actually matter in the code...

It wasnt a question.
Double, if you want to use variable interpolation:

$i = 2;
$_GET["something$i"] -->> $_GET["something2"]
$_GET['something' . $i] -->> $_GET["something2"]
$_GET['something$i'] -->> error (probably)

At any rate, keewooi pointed that out in the first response to this question.
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