Parameters in flash

I have flash-button that on click navigates to some url. But I want to pass a parameter (like user id, for example) to the url. How can I do it?
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getURL("page.asp?userID=" + variable, "_self");

for example..

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getURL("PAGE.ASP", "_self", "GET");
So if you pass a var:

var ID="ID22";

the url would be ....

hope this helps
With the      getURL("page.asp", "_self", "GET")

All the form fields in the browser get sent. Be careful not to send unwanted data along with the userid. GET is also important as some browsers do not send data via the POST property properly. Flash plugin goof up.

If you have multiple variables in the form use

getURL("page.asp?" add variablename, "_self");

getURL(..) is ofcourse is mostly used method. But Flash MX has easier to do with LoadVars. We have control over the way we send data. We can choose which varaibles to send or not...


form_lv = new LoadVars();

//variables and their values to be sent to server
form_lv.variable1 = "somevalue";
form_lv.variable2 = "somevalue2";

//Use GET if you want to send it as query string..  
form_lv.send("http://your-site/script.asp", "_self", "POST");  

more help on this can be found at

Hope it helps,


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