New Maxtor Harddrive will not function proper,y in XP Pro installation.

I'm doing a new build and each time XP Pro restarts afer copying all the files from the CD, I get a blue screen that says


So I disabled all onboard hardware in the BIOS and restart and I get to the XP Pro startup screen and then get the same message again...

Any ideas?

System specs:

MB       Biostar VIA KM400 M7VIZ
CPU     AMD 1800+   1.53 ATHLON TBRED
RAM    256MD  CRUCIAL DDRAM 32X64  PC-2700
CDRW  LITE-ON 52x32x52

Thank you
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Hi there,
This error is generated by design through Microsoft™ to prevent any data loss during operation. By design this error can incur when:
A 40-wire cable is used to connect an Ultra ATA hard drive to an Ultra ATA hard disk controller.
Improper BIOS settings
A file system may be damaged and cannot be mounted.
To resolve this issue:
Replace the 40-wire cable with an Ultra ATA Cable
In the BIOS load the "Fail Safe Default Settings".
Restart the computer. If it doesn't correct the problem a file system may be damaged.
The error UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME indicates that file system is corrupted. Use the Windows XP pro installation CD, select the option "R" to login to recovery console. Run chkdsk /R to repair the partition.

Cheers ;)
gordmAuthor Commented:
Ok Thank you,

I didthe chkdsk /R and now it says that the volume contains one or more unrecoverable problems.

Is the disk bad?
here is a bit more from the Maxtor website in Qfren's post.
Repairing a Damaged File System

Restart the computer with the XP install disk.
Press R to select the Repair Option at the "Welcome to Setup" screen.
Enter administrator password if prompted to do so.
At the next prompt press 1 and Enter .
This should bring you to the command prompt "C:\" or "C:\Windows".
Type chkdsk /r and press enter. This will scan the disk and repair any errors.
Type fixboot X: where "X" is the drive that you are installing the operating system on.
Restart the system. If Windows still errors repeat steps 1 thru 5.
Type fixmbr at the command prompt.
If all the above steps fail you may run a low-level format on the drive using PowerMax. Run the Write Disk Pack
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