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Java bean gives null pointerexception

   I know this is really very very funny.At times my java bean application works and at times it give an exception of null pointer.
I think my problem is that maybe i am not using the get  properly,

I mean, when i use set i use:

<jsp:useBean id="vol" class="com.dhal.volun" scope="session"/>
<jsp:setProperty name="vol" property="*"/>

But i use the getters such as:

Do i need to write something maybe to use it, for example,


coz, when i look at work folder for the jas_jsp files it seems as if vol is null.

But if write
username gets printed so i am surprise which is null.

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2 Solutions
the is nothing wrong of the code that u have posted. the problem is in somewhere else, post the full stack trace of you exception.
Jasbir21Author Commented:

When  i looked at the line 250,it is about this line

The java code for query that i use is....

   connection = DriverManager.getConnection(connectionURL, "", "");
   String myquery="select * from account where username='Jasbir22'";
   boolean anyRecords=rs.next();

   String query="select * from volunteer where username='Jasbir22'";
   boolean any=rs1.next();

    .......//its is alot here


   catch(SQLException ex ) {  ex.printStackTrace() ; }

   catch( ClassNotFoundException ex ){  ex.printStackTrace() ; }


rs.getString(2) is giving you null.

make sure password is the column number 2 and it is not null for user Jasbir22.
BTW, I'd suggest you to use column name instead of possition, since position might change if you add new columns to database.
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Jasbir21Author Commented:
   I don't understand something, does it mean that a column value cannot be null because if its it would give a null pointer,
sometimes, a user would need not enter a column, soit is null

Jasbir21Author Commented:
when i type describle table,

i get

So, i guess it is at column 2 ????

How do i do it the column name way

>So, i guess it is at column 2 ????
columns are counted from ResultSet, not DB schema, but in your it's the same, because you retrive all columns.

>How do i do it the column name way
just use overloading methods in ResultSet:
    String s=rs.getString("password");

Jasbir21Author Commented:
When you say column are counted from Resultset,

how are they are counted...

>> When you say column are counted from Resultset.
that's the order in your select statment. it's same if you use select *, but if you use select password, username from..., then the order is password, username.

>> does it mean that a column value cannot be null
NO, the problem is that you are doing a trim(), so if the rs.getString() returns null, you are doing s = null.trim(), of course, you get NPE.
for those columns that could be null in database, you should always use
String s = rs.getString("columnname");
if( s != null ) s=s.trim();
Jasbir21Author Commented:
......I have been spending days to find out what my problem, and you guys in experts - exchange solved in seconds.Thank you so much....

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