uninstall redhat 9

how do i uninstall redhat 9 with messing up win xp?
they are on different hard drives. xp is on the master drive.
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In MSDOS, run fdisk /mbr.  This should may Windows boot instead of LILO or Grub.  Then you can just delete the Linux partitions.
After you fdisk /mbr and boot into windows, you can use a program like Partition Magic to delete or re-format the Linux partition to FAT32 or NTFS to make it useable in windows.
fdisk /mbr will remove the LILO or GRUB as tells1977 said, and do bsmith121 suggest to use the partition magic (if you already brought it). if you want to use the free tools you also can use the RH install CD  or using something like the linux on a CD or floppy to remove the linux partition http://dilbert.physast.uga.edu/~andy/minilinux.html and http://bengross.com/smallunix.html will found the linux on a CD or floppy, after boot up with the CD or floppy run the linux fdisk and delete the linux partition and recreate the FAT32 partition will do.
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windows 2000 and XP can handle the partitions directly.

Start - Settings - Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Computer Management - Disk Management

After it loads you will see partitions just labeled healthy, and it won't know what filesystem - you can delete them (right click - delete) and then recreate them as fat32 and format them.

what majorwoo said is the best way but...

don't forget that when you install RED HAT LINUX , it messes up with the MBR

and if you will remove the partitions , you probably will remove the LILO/GRUB settings

and you will be unable to get in your win XP

According to M$, you shouldn't use fdisk /mbr for XP, but rather the recovery console and the fixmbr tool. Supposed to be some remote possibility of error with the older fdisk thing.

-- Glenn
Hello Pshibb

There is not way you can uninstall Linux from your PC. The only thing you can do format the partition (FAT)used by linux.

The above examples will help you to do that. You can also do that from you linux CD.


boot from windows xp cd

choose repair

it will bring you to the recovery console

there type fixmbr

and it will solve your problem

after you boot , press with the right mouse button on My Computer  then press Manage
and then under storage choose disk managment , there you can remove the linux partition and reformat the harddisk.partition as ntfs/fat

good luck

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Wooo...  I must have missed this one the first time it came around, Glenn/Paul are you still here?  Some of the assisted answers are conflicting (fdisk /mbr vs. don't do it) -- now we know for windows XP M$ says not to use that but instead the recovery console, so we may want to remove the assisted comments dealing with that (for the purpose of the PAQ)  -- Is everyone with me here?
True Josh. OTOH I can understand khkremers recommendation since there is an utter lack of response from the pshibb... As I say, the problem with "fdisk /mbr" supposedly does not manfest every time... So it might actually work...:-) But doing it like Billy wants seems only prudent;-).
I'm fine with either action.

-- Glenn
For the purposes of the PAQ I would say we should show it Bill's way, meaning unaccept tells1977, bsmith121, and paullamhkg -- since amp is still here I'll let him do it...

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Sorry that I'm still under repairing my computer 'coz of the mother board failure and the new mother board having lots of problem, I've to change 3 times, don't try anything which not totally tested, I got something vis bla bla bla chip set which make my win2k crazy, and the final mother board I got still having the lan connection problem :=(

I've already spend almost 2 weeks time to make my computer life back on line, but still in the ER or  IC (intensive care) oops I'm far from the Q.

Yes, agree with the action.

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Oh majorwoo, BTW do you think billy will care abt this?? we all do care but he don't I think :)
PAQ to "Bill", no refund.

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