Append records using two variables

I have a table: tblSchedule in SQL Server with fields:

Schedule_ID (int PRIMARYKEY Autoincrementing), Schedule_CostType (char 16), Schedule_Section (char 16) , Schedule_No (char 16), Schedule_Order (float 8), Schedule_Desc (char 32), Schedule_Unit (char 16), Schedule_Qty (real 4) ,tender_ID (int FK)

I want to select all records where Tender_ID = a variable  tender_ID_Original
and append them in the same table but with Tender_ID = a variable  tender_ID_New
(Note: there are no integrity problems as The FK tender_ID_New already exists)

I have written the sp :

(@tender_ID_Original int,
@tender_ID_New int)

dbo.tblSchedule(Schedule_CostType, Schedule_Section, Schedule_No, Schedule_Order, Schedule_Desc, Schedule_Unit, Schedule_Qty,tender_ID)

SELECT     Schedule_CostType,Schedule_No,  Schedule_Section, Schedule_Order, Schedule_Desc, Schedule_Unit, Schedule_Qty,@tender_ID_New
FROM         dbo.tblSchedule
WHERE       Tender_ID = @tender_ID_Original

When I run it asks for the variables OK and seems to run OK but I get the message 'The stored procedure executed successfully but did not return records"
What have i done wrong?

also I want to run thus sp in Access using VBA code but I'm not sure how to pass the variables

Private Sub btnAppendSchedule_Click()
Dim tender_ID_Original, tender_ID_New  As Integer
Dim vSQL As String

tender_ID_Original = Forms!frmRepeatSchedule.cboTenderOld.Column(0)
tender_ID_New = Forms!frmRepeatSchedule.txtTenderNew

vSQL = " procNewSchedule ??????? "


End Sub

Thanks in advance
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Hi Doozy,
not sure for the vba code...

but try removing the set nocount lines
that should then return the number of rows affected  which
would qualify as a resultset...

also its good practice to end all procedures with

good luck


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It's doing an insert so doesn't return a resultset so you haven't done anything wrong.

For executing an sp in vba see

in can be simpler as

dim objcmd, rowsaffected
set objcmd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
objCmd.Parameters.append objcmd.createparameter("",adInteger, adParamInput,,tender_ID_Original)
objCmd.Parameters.append objcmd.createparameter("",adInteger, adParamInput,,tender_ID_New)
objCmd.ActiveConnection = objConn    ' need connection here
objCmd.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc
objCmd.CommandText = "procNewSchedule"
objCmd.Execute rowsaffected
set objCmd.ActiveConnection = nothing
DoozyAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lowfatspread, your answer got that part working - I'll give you half points (OK?)

nigelrivett - your code won't compile in Access VBA - it highlights 'Server' and says variable not defined

So 125 points still for anyone who can solve how to pass the variables
DoozyAuthor Commented:
Points to Lowfatspread
I'll resubmit second pert of question

You will need to install MDAC for ADO to work.


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