I need help setting up my Access Point Router for use with WinPoet and Contivity VPN Client

I'm living on a compound in Shanghai, which has wired us up using a LAN.
I've been assigned IP address &
I'm using a simple Hub for my two PC's, both happily interconnectable via NetBEUI
Both have firewall SW installed.
The ISP of our compound facilitates PPPoE through WinPoet.
I normally do not need this facility, but for my companies VPN I first have to set up PPoE, using WinPoet and then I can use Contivity VPN Client of Nortel Networks, to enter the VPN.
This all works fine.
Now I have this Notebook from the company and two docking stations, one at work, one at home and now the trouble starts:
Logging in the LAN at work, I need one set of TCP/IP settings, for the Compound I need another. I found my way around this, making use of the fact that the docking-NIC is different from the build-in NIC with plug on the side. So at work I use the build-in NIC (have to connect the LAN separately from the docking) and at home the docking NIC.
Again, still all works fine.
Now I get this new Notebook, which has the build-in NIC at the back, so out of reach while in the dock. No pain, it has Centronics, so I bought myself an Access Point Router. Of course this gets too complicated for my knowledge, because now I cannot figure out how to get WinPoet make the PPoE connection (anyway it does not), while at the same time the Access Point Router (Agilan; WLAN 802.11b) offers to connect PPPoE. I've put username & password for the IPS in, but I see no difference. Contivity VPN client does not connect to the VPN.
I've tried DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) and have the option to use UPnP forwarding, but the setting requires.
Anyone that has useful suggestions, welcome to help me out here.

Christiaan Boland

Some info from the "settings panel" of the Access Point Router are:
Firewall Setting
This feature let your router act as a"firewall".
NAT allows all of the computers on your network to use one IP addess.
DMZ Host IP Addresss can allow one local user to be exposed to the Internet. As local user wish to use some special-purpose service such as internet game or Video-conferencing.  If you had set many WAN Alias IP's, you can set Multiple DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) hosts for different IP.
Virtual Servers and Special Application
If you configure the gateway as a virtual server, remote users accessing services such as Web or FTP at your local site via public IP addresses can be automatically redirected to local servers configured with private IP address. In other words, depending on the requested service (TCP/UDP port number), the gateway redirects the external service request to the appropriate server.
You can define up to 10 application profiles and If you had set many WAN Alias IP's, select one of the public IP's as the Virtual Server. Some applications require multiple connections, such as Internet gaming, video conferencing, Internet telephony and others. These applications cannot work when Network Address Translation (NAT) is enabled. If you need to run applications that require multiple connections, enter the service ports associated with an application.
I can selet an entry (1 - 10);set a name and a enable/disable and for each entry srevice port X ~ Y (1~65535)
DDNS Setting
Dynamic DNS allows you to update your dynamic IP address with one or many dynamic DNS services. So anyone can access your FTP or Web service on your computer using DNS-like address. I can en/disable, choose retry time, ddns server (MyDynDNS/No-IP/DtDNS) and fill in Host Nam/User Name/Password
UPnP Forwarding
UPnP Port Forwarding allows Internet Users to access Servers on your LAN. It also allows you to configure two-way communications, Game Servers, and other Internet applications with special requirements.
a table as follows:
  Applications Name//Ext. Port//Protocol TCP//Protocol UDP//Int. Port IP Address Enable
1.  "WinPoET v2.51 Connection"//2(?)//"on"//"off"//3(?)//192.168.1."-"//"on"
same for 2 - 10
Don't know how to use this.
Special Applications
Most applications are supported transparently by the router. But sometimes it is not clear which PC should receive an incoming connection. In this case, you can define the application as a "Special Application" to enable the specific traffic to come into LAN side.
Please note: Special Application should be triggered from LAN side to be functional, i.e. the communication should be initialized from LAN side, and the defined "Incoming Port Range" will be reserved for the Internet application.
  Application Name//Trigger Port Range//Incoming Port Range
1.   <<name>>           0~0                   0 ~  0
same for 2 - 10
Don't know how to use this.

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bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
hi, i think your AP router may be some one like linksys. right? if so, please give me the specific type, so i can help you in more detail.
as for your questions, if i outline them correctly, they are:

1. how to setup it to work with your outcome vpn connection?
do nothing. since it is a outcome connection, it should work by the default settings except you have changed somethings
2. how to allow incoming communication?
use the "forward" page to setup it, also with uPnP and trigger pages. if you work with xp, you can enable upnp.

hope it helps,

I think your problem description is pretty well written - I think you understand more than you suggest.

It sounds to me the built-in WiFi network adaptor (Intel Centronics) isn't completely configured.  I'm not sure what Windows Operating System you're using, but look around (Start/Settings/Network & Dial Up Connections or the Network Neighborhood/Properties) for the 'Make New Connection' applet.  Walk through making a new LAN connection on your built-in WiFi adapter.

Sorry this isn't more specific.  If you give me your OS, maybe I can point you in the right direction.

Lastly, I wouldn't change the Firewall settings (DMZ, etc.) too much (or any other device/settings other than Centronics WiFi.)  They were working fine with your old LAN connections, so focus on the new Centronics WiFi configuration.

Good Luck,

p.s., forgot to mention the wireless Access Point: focus on it first (before the new laptop WiFi settings.)  It's safe to assume it's preconfigured to accept DHCP addressing (from your ISP), if not, it's probably configurable through a web browser at a preset management IP address (e.g. - check the user's guide.)  Once it has it's IP from the ISP, it will server DHCP addressing to your new laptop.


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christiaanAuthor Commented:
Dear Helpers,

Sorry I did not come back to you earlier, that's because I temporarily drowned in my work.
bbao. The AP router is Access Point Router "with 4 port Fast Ethernet Switch" from Agilan (WLAN 802.11b). There website ia all in CHinese (I live in Shanghai, so I bought the swithc here, but I cannot read chinese...;-( )
Vras, does not connect ("remote host not responding" while it works over the Hub connection over PPoE).
WinPoet, which I have to use first to make the PPoE, also does not make the connection.
You say "do nothing", default settings on the AP would be not to use the IP address of my Compound server but use dynamic IP assignment?

I do not work with XP. the uPnP and trigegr pages (?) are not familiar with me. I've outlined above the type of questions asked by the AP router (which is webbased programmed via its adress but I haven't got a clue about the answers/settings

Dear Steve,
Thanks for your encouraging remarks.
The link between Notebook and AP via Wireless works OK, I can browse the internet and download files from the other PC.
I did set the IP address of our Compound LAN ( in the AP router and both via UTP and via Wirreless, the PC and notebook behind the router do get to internet and do work with SMTP/POP email. It is the PPoE (Winpoet) that I can not use over the router and by consequence the VRAS over the PPoE.
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
nice to hear that you live in shanghai. just show the website to me, i can read, write, speak and listen both english and chinese, hehe. you mentioned that you can access the internet, so we can connect together via netmeeting to check every step of what you want. you may even call me directly for help.
christiaanAuthor Commented:
dear bbao,

Following sites are on WinPoet

Following site is on the Agilan AG WR214C (my Access Point Router)


Can you see if you can get more information from these sites ?
bbaoIT ConsultantCommented:
ok,  christiaan, just click on my name to see my number in profile. call me directly for step by step information.
christiaanAuthor Commented:
Dear bbao,

Thanks for the offer,but somehow in the meantime "it works".
What works:
1- The Notebook is now connected via its portextender NIC to the Compound LAN with "obtain an IP address automatically"
2- The Notebook is also wireless connected to the Acess Point Router with "obtain an IP address automatically"
3- The Access Point router itself is connected to the Compound LAN with
LAN :   IP Address : //Subnet Mask :
WAN :   IP Address : //Subnet Mask : //Default Gateway : //DNS :
Before and after running Winpoet & VRAS (VPN work) I see Wireless and NIC to Compound LAN keep the same settings, but my Windows added DNS Suffix Search list is enriched with "work.com" (with work=name of my company), and Ethernet adapter {EE...etc} added the same plus IP address, SUbnet mask, Default Gatewy and DNS servers (2x). Plus an additional PPP adapter Winpoet has been set-up with all elements like Physical address, IP address, Subnetmask, Dedault Gateway and DNS servers (2x different from the VPN).

I'll give the points to Steve, since he gave me the best remark :"I wouldn't change the .... etc"

Thanks for your efforts,
Have a nce day
Christiaan Boland
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