How do I find a list of all processes currently being debuged?

If I want to get a list of all the processes currently being debuged, how would I do that?

I am looking for all the thread IDs that are involved in the debug process linked to the ProcessID.

So... I am looking for the ProcessID + ThreadIDs of processes being debuged

Please help!!!

Thank you
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Try this modifying this to get a list of running processes. I do not exactly no what you are refering to so i hope this leads ou in the direction you want to head:

function KillTask(ExeFileName: string): integer;
  ContinueLoop: BOOL;
  FSnapshotHandle: THandle;
  FProcessEntry32: TProcessEntry32;
  result := 0;
  FSnapshotHandle := CreateToolhelp32Snapshot(TH32CS_SNAPPROCESS, 0);
  FProcessEntry32.dwSize := Sizeof(FProcessEntry32); //use FProcessEntry32.szPID to
                                                                                   //get PID
  ContinueLoop := Process32First(FSnapshotHandle, FProcessEntry32);
  while integer(ContinueLoop) <> 0 do begin
    if (StrIComp(PChar(ExtractFileName(FProcessEntry32.szExeFile)), PChar(ExeFileName)) = 0)
       or (StrIComp(FProcessEntry32.szExeFile, PChar(ExeFileName)) = 0)  then
      Result := Integer(TerminateProcess(OpenProcess(
                        PROCESS_TERMINATE, BOOL(0), // BOOL(0) means 'false'
                        FProcessEntry32.th32ProcessID), 0));
    ContinueLoop := Process32Next(FSnapshotHandle, FProcessEntry32);

procedure TForm1.Button2Click(Sender: TObject);
  KillTask(Edit1.Text); // 'notepad.exe' for example


HoratioHAuthor Commented:
I know how to do this :(

I need to know how to identify that this process in the list is being debuged.
HoratioHAuthor Commented:
Well now I need to know if this thread and process in the list is being Suspended?
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Sorry mate.
Here is a small addition to the code I've sent to you before.
It'll give you suspended threads.

scnt: DWORD;

        if (Thread32First(hSnapshoot, the32)) then
            ShowMessage('Got thread!');
            hDestTh := _imp_OpenThread(THREAD_ALL_ACCESS, False, the32.th32ThreadID);
            scnt := SuspendThread(hDestTh);
            if scnt > 0 then begin
              ShowMessage('The thread is suspended !');
        until not Thread32Next(hSnapshoot, the32);

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You could call "IsDebuggerPresent" in the context of each process. Not easy to do, though. Maybe my components can help you a bit. E.g. calling madRemote's RemoteExecute can let you execute a function in the context of another process. So you could call "IsDebuggerPresent" there.
P.S: I think in win9x debugged processes have some special flags in the process database. But first of all you would need to get access to the process database. <sigh>
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