Gnome-AbiWord Font and Printing Problem

When I open AbiWord in Gnome the following error message is displayed:

AbiWord was not able to add it's fonts to the X font path.  This does not mean there is anything wrong with your system, but you will need to modify your font path manually.  Please see the "Unix Font Path Problem" in the FAQ section of the AbiWord help file for more detailed information, including instructions on how to turn this warning off.

When I then click on OK AbiWord opens.  I can use it and save files, but when I try to print the text file using lpr with Apsfilter, either from File/Print... or from the command line: lpr <file> all I get is garbage that looks like the printcap.  By contrast I have no problem printing files created using the KDE text editor.

I couldn't find "Unix Font Path Problem".  Could somebody walk me through the solution to this problem.  If it turns out to be more complicated than I think it probably is I'll increase the points from 250 to 500.
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once you run abiword as root it will add fontpath there...(or do this by yourself)
GnustomeAuthor Commented:
I don't know how to run abiword as root, since I log into X as user.
Hi Gnustome,

To run something as root, open a terminal window (like xterm) to get a prompt and then type 'su -' (without the quotes). It will ask for your root password and then you are logged in as root. Now run abiword, and when you are done, type 'exit' to log out as root again.

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GnustomeAuthor Commented:
I logged in as root in a terminal, then typed abiword.<enter>.  AbiWord launched, with the usual error message.  I typed some text and saved it as a file, closed AbiWord, exited from root, closed the terminal and everything else that was open, logged out of X, logged into X again, and launched AbiWord.  The error message is still there.
This link might be about your problem:

They say 'apt-get install xfonts-abi' might solve the problem. Or if you are running XFree 4, that you don't need to run the xfs (X Font Server).

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