Use php script to insert into oracle database

   I am supposed to insert data into a Oracle 8i database using php.  The thing is am I not sure how i am supposed to do that.  I am supposed to make php script upload it to a server at the university go into oracle using sqlplus and somehow execute it from there..
 I made a test script
<table border="1" cellpadding="3">
  $connection = OCILogon("a6666666", "test1234");
  $stmt = OCIParse($connection, "SELECT * FROM Kebab ORDER BY Name ASC");

    print "<tr>\n";
    print "  <td>" . OCIResult($stmt, "NAME") . "  </td>\n";
    print "  <td>" . OCIResult($stmt, "PREIS") . "  </td>\n";
    print "</tr>\n";


using this table:


  Name CHAR(25),
  Preis NUMBER(3,2)

INSERT INTO Kebab VALUES ('Doener', 2.50);
INSERT INTO Kebab VALUES ('Iskender', 4.20);


The thing I dont understand ist how am I supposed to save the php .php   .txt or .sql
  while evertime I try to execute in in sqlplus  (using @filename.??? I always become so many "unknknown command" lines
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va80Author Commented:
Please someone help me need this ASAP!!!
Giovanni GCTOCommented:

Sorry I don't understand your problem. Why don't you call it from the http server?

The PHP file ("script") works only "in" a webserver (or fromthe command line in CLI mode). What you wrote should work (althought I would have tested OCIexecute() results :D ) but requires you to run your script like this :


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