More MSN mischief

I can connect to MSNs dispatch server easily, however, i cannot issue the INF command to the server, it just simply disconnects me. I can issue CVR messages and VER messages easily. However, it simply won't accept my INF request. I issue all the commands in the correct order, add carriage returns at the end (#13#10) and include the correct TrialID. However, this stumps me everytime! Please help! I've also tried connecting to using Telnet Client, i issue the commands like i do in my application, and the same thing happens! Why does it disconnect?

CVR 1 0x0409 win 4.10 i386 MSNMSGR 5.0.0544 MSMSGS

these messages go fine, but as soon as i try


the whole thing disconnects....
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>Why does it disconnect?
It disconnect because you need to complete the authentication process firstly.
henrythackerAuthor Commented:
Apparently you can issue the INF command before you authenticate, and infact, you need to run the INF command first as that tells you what type of hash to use for generating passwords, IE MD5. So this command MUST come before the authentification, although its not essential apparently. Can you send me a list of commands which you issue to the messenger server which connects correctly, thanks, any help would be appreciate.
"INF (optional)
After the client and server agree on a protocol version, the client may send INF with a TrID and no parameters. This asks the server what form of authentication will be used.

The server will reply with an INF, the TrID, and the type of authentication system as the parameter. In protocol versions up to and including MSNP7, it is always MD5, so it's really pretty pointless. "

It looks like there is no such a command in ver8.
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I'm right. rtfm ;-)
"The INF command, which was optional in MSNP7, no longer exists in MSNP8. If you attempt to send it while logging in, you will be immediately disconnected."
As I advised you earlier, look attentively at the following link:

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henrythackerAuthor Commented:
Im sorry! as you pointed out, i was looking at totally the wrong version of the protocol, everything should work great now! thank you.. sorry for my stupidity!
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