Program causing illegal operation and will shut down..why?

When I go to and log in, and I try to do a search for a particular item, when I type in any numbers they automatically double ie: if I type a 7, two 7's appear and then this message appears..

" This program has perfomed an illegal operation and will shut down."

Internet explorer then shuts down and then I lose quite a few icons from the lower right task bar on my computer screen. The task scheduler disappears and Corel 8 icons also. I only maintain the Norton AntiVirus, Msn Messenger and the Sound icons.

What can I do?

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Greetings, bullman!
  I just enter the website and there does not seem to be anything wrong with the website.

1. There may be programs running in the background interfering with the operation of Internet Explorer. If you have Norton programs running in the background, temporarily turn them off, including anti-virus, win doctor, recycle bin protect, and clean sweep. Does this fix the problem?

Turn off any firewall or ad-blocker.

2. Perform a repair of Internet Explorer. From Control Panel select Add/Remove Programs. Scroll down to Microsoft Internet Explorer and highlight it. Click on the Add/Remove button. When the IE Tools menu comes up, select Repair. Click OK.

You can also access the IE Toolbar by clicking Start > Run and type

rundll32 setupwbv.dll,IE6Maintenance "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\Setup\SETUP.EXE" /g "C:\WINDOWS\IE Uninstall Log.Txt"

3. Use IE Eradicator to delete Internet Explorer.

Make sure you have downloaded the IE6 setup files first, but not loaded. Backup your Favorites folder.

Best wishes, war1
bullmanAuthor Commented:
Apparently there is a comment added to my question however it has been a while since I've been to this web site and I can't seem to view the do I get to look at it?
bullmanAuthor Commented:
When I try and search in GOOGLE, the same thing happens...too many letters appear..when I type a  W, about 6 show up and I have to shut down..
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bullmanAuthor Commented:
I finally found your answer war1, don't know how but I did...I went to the Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs and when I clicked on it a window appeared and asked me this

This program uninstalls Q828750 and restores your previous configuration.
Do you want to uninstall Q828750?

Yes or No?
   This is the IE cumalative patch for October.  Yes, you ahead and uninstall it.  This may get rid of your problem.
bullmanAuthor Commented:
I deleted the cumalative patch and also went back to using IE 5. I didn't have any problems at any sites with shut downs. When I updated to SP6 I still have the same problem...not every time but some of the time..

Some people have had problems with IE6 on Windows 98.  Can you live with iE5.1?  You can download IE5.5 from there.  It is a slow download

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   We have not heard from you in awhile? Did any comment help you solve your problem? Do you have any more questions? If an Expert help you, please accept his/her answer with an excellent or good grade.

Thanks, war1
bullmanAuthor Commented:

sorry for the delay,but I think it is the cumulative patch that I downloaded in October(Q282750) that is causing the problem.

I don't seem to have a problem without it, do I need to update?

Otherwise everything else is fine...I can't live with 5.1....

   No, you do not have to update the patch unless you are having a specific problem and the patch is known to fix it.  I usually wait awhile before loading any new patches, so that Microsoft can work out any problems.
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