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I'm new to XML and I wanted someone to show me some code to store, modify and delete data in an XML Database.  What I would like to do is create an application to store and look up code snippets.  So, needless to say I need a function to search the XML Database as well.  I know there are freewares available that do this very thing, but I want to learn how to do this myself.  Since my points are running low, I'm going to start this question with a low point value and increase the points as the source code gets more involved until I have framework for my application.  I guess, fallowing this format, what I need is one person knowlageble in this area to help me out.  Thank you.

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Wim ten BrinkSelf-employed developerCommented:
I am a bit new to XML too but I do know that Delphi 7 Enterprise has an XMLBind wizard. With this wizard you can create a simple unit that connects to your XML file and allows you to add, modify and delete data from an XML file. Try to play with it a bit more.
Delphi also has a TDOMComponent, I think, that will open an XML file and allow you access to the nodes within it. But I haven't played with that much yet. At this moment I'm more busy with a tool called XMP Spy and trying to get some time to read books about XML. It seems so easy but once you get into it, wow... Don't underestimate the complexity... ;-)

You may take advantage by searching Google for my post on XML in the Borland Forums.


Hi again,

And my short introduction to XML in this site, in one of the posts - I don't remember the area.




The tool you mean's called XML Spy :-)
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fibdevAuthor Commented:
I'm still trying to resolve this :)


You can use ClientDataSet to create XML database files.


fibdevAuthor Commented:
Hey Andrew,

Could you give me a short example on how to ure ClientDataSet to create and retrieve some data from an XLM database?

I'm trying to clean up old questions and just saw your post on this issue.  I was never informed that you made this post.  Must have been something wrong with the email notification. *shrug*
fibdevAuthor Commented:
Procedure Ooops (Sender : TEEUser);
var Typo : TTypo;
     Typo := StrToTypo('ure');

It's simple:


ClientDatasets are just plain datasets, thus use normal database processing with
Insert, Append, Next, Prior, etc.



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