my monitor wont show anything..

i switched my friends motherboard and case, but now nothing shows up on the monitor.. everything else works.. fans.. power.. video card fan.. etc.. i checked it on 2 different video cards.. one agp and the ohter pci.. still the monitor shows blank. with the amber light on.. the monitor is practically new and works on my other system.. any suggestions on troubleshooting this?
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Do you get a single beep when you boot up. This would indicate a normal system.

If nothing comes on the screen it could be because the graphics card is not prpoerly seated or even memory. You would of course get a number of beeps telling yopu something is wrong, but not if the speaker is not connected properly.

I would suggest you double check all your connections starting with the graphics cards then memory. Make should sure everything is properly seated in its slot.
AccorkieAuthor Commented:
i hear 2 beeps after comp turns on.
Greetings, Accorkie!

With a new motherboard, you need to get the lastest driver for the graphics card.  Also, get the latest driver for the monitor.

Like proziath, I also encourage you to look at your connections. Make sure everything is suppose to be where it suppose to be.  Make no connection is backward.

Best wishes, war1
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Check monitor by unplugging VGA  --> Displays "No Signal"
If you're not a getting 1 beep, start trying to find out what the BIOS error code is.  Other BIOS q's & google will point you to some great sites.

Also, any chance the new MB has onboard video?  If so, pull the card and use the onboard (to start with).

AccorkieAuthor Commented:
ok all connections seem to be good.. at the beginning i hear 2 faint beeps.. then after maybe 10 seconds.. i hear a "beeeep beeep"... "beep beeep".. and on and on.. and idea what that is?
AccorkieAuthor Commented:
ok i reseated the RAM twice then it stopped the annoying siren noise.. but still the same problem as before.. im going to d/c everything one by one to see wen i get 1 post beep.. i know the RAM is good cuz it works on my ohter comp and this mb supports the pc2700 ram i have.. do i have to set the RAM slot to pc2700 or somehting?.. iono.. just a guess.. and how do i get drivers for the parts if i cant see anything on the monitor?.. thx for the replies but still my problem persists.
What's your bios?  It'll probably be on a sticker stuck to one of the chips.  Version would be good too.
At this point I'm guessing that the new motherboard is DOA.  Exchange it.
AccorkieAuthor Commented:
one chip says AMIBOIS c173 8439.. the mb is a MSI 865PE Neo2.. and could the processor be bad?.. any way of checking that?.. rite wen i turn it on i hear two beeps so i'm thinkin that's the post beeps.. but i d/c everythin one by one.. and still i get those two beeps..
I'm assuming you've disconnected everything but the power supply, memory and video (I bet you could even pull the video and get the same beeps).  

Two beeps on an AMI is a problem in the memory parity circuitry.  Your memory is good and the motherboard is fresh out of the box so the odds are really good you've got a lemon.

To be sure:
remove the mb from the case (it'll be fine on some cardboard or newspaper).
Remove everything
Reset the bios by shorting out the bios reset jumper briefly.
Check any other jumpers against the manual to make sure they are sane.
Put a stick of known good memory in the slot marked bank 0.
Hook up the power and try it.

If you get the same thing, you know it is dead.
if, at that point, it starts beeping continuously...add a video card and try again
(some boards can get quite far through the post before video becomes an issue.  Others not so.)
AccorkieAuthor Commented:
the fans on the mb work .. would the mb be dead if it still did dat?
In all likelihood that just indicates that the motherboard is getting power.  The bad circuit is probably some unrelated bit of logic over by the memory banks.
AccorkieAuthor Commented:
ok i figured the problem.. i switched processors with anohter and it works.. so i guess that was the problem.. thx for the help guys. late
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