BSDiff port to windows (problems with fork())

I want to port this source to windows, but as code is not exactly windows programmer
friendy and i am not some *nix guru i have problems converting it to msvc++. I fixed
code to the point where only fork() and pipe() are making me problems. I could redisign
whole source but i am not quite confortable with it. Can anyone help me? CYGWin is not an option!
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For Fork() you can use CreateThread, the API is pretty elegant and should be easier to port with.

See this:

To do pipes in Win32, look here:

Keep in mind that this example is for unnamed pipes.  For a good example of named pipes, look here:

A nice C++ wrapper for Win32 pipes:

Hope this helps!
SpodletelaAuthor Commented:
Oh and one more thing; i want to make clear port without CYGWIN!!!
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OK, thanks
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