Max-heap-size of JVM

Dear Experts,
I set these properites in JLNP file
<j2se version="1.3+" initial-heap-size="64m"/>
<j2se version="1.3+" max-heap-size="256m"/>
I catch OutOfMemory exception when JVM reach 65088 MB
When I change initial-heap-size="64m" ==> initial-heap-size="128m"
The I couldnot start jws.
Could you help me increase more heap size of JVM?
Thank you very much for your help.
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Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
> The I couldnot start jws.

why not?
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
Also perhaps should be:

<j2se version="1.3+" initial-heap-size="64m" max-heap-size="256m"/>
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sontnvnAuthor Commented:
> <j2se version="1.3+" initial-heap-size="64m" max-heap-size="256m"/>
===> Nothing changed
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
> ===> Nothing changed

Can you explain exactly what is happening.
sontnvnAuthor Commented:
Case 1:
<j2se version="1.3+" initial-heap-size="64m"/>
<j2se version="1.3+" max-heap-size="256m"/>
<j2se version="1.3+" initial-heap-size="64m" max-heap-size="256m"/>

In both case, My application throw OutOfMemory exception. I trace memory information and this is the result:
Runtime.getRuntime().totalMemory()/1024 = 65088
Runtime.getRuntime().freeMemory()/1024 = 17638
Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory()/1024 = 131072
Physical memory is 1GB, why Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory()/1024 always return 131072?
Anyway, when I run my application by java command line and set -Xmx = 256 then it ran well.
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
> Physical memory is 1GBwhy Runtime.getRuntime().maxMemory()/1024 always return 131072?

Physical memory is not reltaed, the VM has it's own allocated memory space.
sontnvnAuthor Commented:
How can we force JVM increase its maxMemory size? (JWS environment)
When the application throw OutOfMemory exception, task manager (Win2k) report Mem Usage = ~110 000MB.
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
> How can we force JVM increase its maxMemory size?

That is supposedly what max-heap-size should be doing.

Can you post your complete jnlp file.
sontnvnAuthor Commented:
Below is our jnlp file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<jnlp spec="1.0+"
      <!--<j2se version="1.3+" initial-heap-size="128m" max-heap-size="256m"/> -->
      <j2se version="1.3+" initial-heap-size="64m"/>
      <j2se version="1.3+" max-heap-size="128m"/>
      <j2se version="1.3+" href=""/>
      <jar href="nApple.jar" main="true" download="eager"/>
   <application-desc main-class="com.ykgw.ees.ui.NApple">

>That is supposedly what max-heap-size should be doing.
==> That mean we cannot change this value?
Mick BarryJava DeveloperCommented:
Try with only one j2se entry.

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