Looking for a free and easy to install SSH Plugin to connect to my Unix/Linux server through a web browser.

I would like to connect to my unix machine through my website by clicking a link that loads a java applet (or something similar) so i can logon to my unix machine securely.  I have seen this work with mindterm but do not know how to do this, or what i need to download.  If someone could step me through this it would be great.  Thanks for your time.
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You can do it via the Webpage. In your webpage just add a like to start up ssh client from a PC.
(If you you have a a lof of PCs, their ssh installation should be in the same place to make it to
danej256Author Commented:
I already use putty and it works great.  But i want to access it through my website so i can be anywhere with internet access and a updated version of IE6 to get on to my linux.
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Add a buttom in your wabpage to run putty from your PC, not from the Webserver.
(sorry about the typo in my previous comment "like" should be "LINK")
danej256Author Commented:
the computer i may be at might not have Putty on it.  I want to do something very similar to this:


ok it is Mindterm SSH


MindTerm over the web:

The webpage in your previous post "ssh.html"

<title>MindTerm SSH Java Client</title>
<h3>MindTerm SSH Java Client</h3>
<applet archive="/mindtermfull.jar" code=mindbright.application.MindTerm.class WIDTH='750' HEIGHT='475'>
<param name=te value="vt320"
<param name=bg value="blue"
<param name=fg value="white"
<param name=rows value="24">
<param name=cols value="100">
<param name=port value="22">
<param name=cipher value="3des">
<param name=sepframe value="true">
<param name=idhost value="false">

And you also need Java Virtual machine install in your PC


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MindTerm is the client manufactured by Appgate AB and downloadable via website www.appgate.se along with html embedding sample
danej256Author Commented:
Thank the both of you again, i downloaded the applet from appgate.se, and have it so it loads on my website with the server's ip address already in the box.  I get an error but i understand it is because my server is blocking the connection, so i need to use a different ciper or something.  i am going to go ahead and accept the answer, because for the most part this is solved, besides my security issue.  if i have further troubles i will post a question concerning the blocked connection through my mindterm app.  It also might not work because its not digitally signed because i didnt want to pay $800--- but i will find that out later.  Thanks again-  DJ
Not later - if your browser uses proxy connection it will not pass, you need to issue CONNECT SERVER:22 HTTP/1.0 to proxy like putty does, not just connect() to null-routed address.
SSH2 has no cipher problems, SSH1 Had.
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