How Can Expand Report Header,Page Header,... in Crystal Report

i can expand details section in Layot tab of section expert
but i can't expand report header and page header.
(i can't change width property of report header and
  page header)
what can i do?
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I assume you mean the Height not the Width.

You can drag down  the bottom of any section to increase its height.
If you point at the double line border then you should get a double-headed arrow .  Click and drag when you can see this symbol.

You can only move the bottom edge of a section.

VsAAuthor Commented:
I mean the Width No the Height
I don't understand.

All sections have the same width.  

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Width is controlled by page width and the left and right margins.  Change the margins and the headers will get wider.

Crystal doesn't easily allow a header to span pages horizontally.

VsAAuthor Commented:
you  can expand "Details Section" by "Layot tab of section expert" how much you want.
but you can't expand Rreport header Section,
Page header Section,Report footer Section or Page footer Section.
Which version of Crystal?  

I don't find a Layout Tab or Section Expert in CR7.  I'll check CR8 in the morning.

'you  can expand "Details Section" by "Layot tab of section expert" how much you want.'

Well yes.  You can indeed and you are able to print a long detail line.
But the feature you are using for that was not intended to be used that way and I think it's just a bit of luck/ bad implementation that you can do that.  The intention with the multiple columns feature was that the actual page size would be subdivided into columns.  

I would be very surprised, but interested,  if you find a solution to your headings issue.


VsAAuthor Commented:
if you want expand one column in report,what you do?
I think it is necessary to be clear about what 'column' means in the different circumstances in it may be used.

In CR you often lay out your detail line horizontally.  Fields are side by side.
If there are 4 fields in the detail line and they do not require more than half of the page width (if they are all numbers, for instance) then you can have 2 columns each containing  these 4 fields.  So the preview would show 8 fields., 4 fields in the first column and 4 fields in the second column.  As you already know, you can create multiple columns using the multiple column checkbox and the layout tab in the section expert.

If you are using columns in this way you cannot set column widths individually.  You can only set the same fixed width for all columns.  CR works out how many columns it can fit on the page.

As i understand it, you set the column width wider than the page.  So you only have one column. As it happens, CR lets you do this, and then prints the detail line across several pages.  But as you know it does not handle any headers or footers when you do this.  If you want to try getting headers, then make space ABOVE the fields in the detail line and move your field labels into the detail section above the fields.  You can then format each of the labels to suppress if duplicated.   But you would have to try this to see if it is of any help in your situation.

I can't really say any more without knowing more detailed requirements.



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