Global.asa problem

Recently I configured an asp chat script.
This chat is well-known, conquerchat.

Everything was ok, until I discovered someday that my site was offline!
Nobody could see the home page. The error message in browser was: Http /1.1 application failed.
I searched google, I had a conversation with my host provider and then I decide to rename global.asa file, in order not to be loaded. Actually, I deactivated it.

Then, the site was ok again. Online.

Searching google, I found some pages that told about bad-written global.asa.
My global.asa has not even a single line written from me. It consists from 2 parts of code, one for counting active users, the other for conquerchat.

My host provider said global.asa often does lots of such problems. So they said it was better not to use global.asa in my site.
Until now, I had no sign of telling me lies. It is the most expensive and reliable host company in my country.

I sent a message in the support forum of conquerchat about this, but moderator told, global.asa has not such problems. They blamed my host provider.

I must say that host company, at time I had my site offline, they  told me  that they had my site in multiple servers in order of having better performance, generally speaking. But, specific for my site, because I use access mdb as database, is better to move it in a single server. So, the moved it, this time we had the problem (site offline). I don’t know if this is related but you can judge it.

So, I am stacked with my problem: chat not work, active users not counted, and the question is: where is the truth?
Does host company told the truth? Is something happened that I don’t know and someone don’t want to know?
Is the blame at global.asa?
Does the chat make this trouble, with  it’s part of code in global.asa?
Does the counting of active users make the problem, with it’s part of code in global.asa?
Is something wrong with host provider?
What’s going on?
What to deactivate and what to activate and make online, for sure?
I will not risk anymore any failures in my site, so every step must be well considered.

Thanks in advance.

Here is the code of global.asa:

Sub Application_OnStart
' Set our user count to 0 when we start the server
Application("ActiveUsers") = 0
End Sub
Sub Session_OnStart
' Change Session Timeout to 20 minutes (if you need to)
Session.Timeout = 1
' Set a Session Start Time
' This is only important to assure we start a session
Session("Start") = Now
' Increase the active visitors count when we start the session
Application("ActiveUsers") = Application("ActiveUsers") + 1
End Sub
Sub Session_OnEnd
' Decrease the active visitors count when the session ends.
Application("ActiveUsers") = Application("ActiveUsers") - 1
End Sub




Here is the forum message
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First of all i'd like to say that yu should have mentioned which host company you have.(maybe i missed that). It is true that global.asa causes unknown and scary problems. Like Brinkster that i used for a while did not support that because of the problems. If you want to i have the online user script in global.asa that works damn good, but not with brinkster cause they've blocked that function. So i say it can be a spooki problem and maybe it is in your script. So i could send you mine. My E-mail is <e-mail deleted rdivilbiss>
indy1975Author Commented:
Thanks for your response. I tried to send you email at , as you wrote, but hotmail says it does not exist such mail address. Is it correct?
I did not mention the hosting company because it is unlike for someone to know it, becasuse i host it in Greece. The company is, and not only pay for this, but it is also

Almost all the best companies of Greece are hosted there. They have excellent helpdesk, and they are extremely helpfull.
So, you suggest it is a problem surely of global.asa.
This is a great step for me to discover the solution about this strange problem.

Do you believe the problem became from conquerchat?              Or the active users?

Anyway, i would appreciate if you could send me your online user script (with an associated txt if it is possible, so, beyond global.asa, how i can see in a page these online active users).
You never had such a problem as mine with your global.asa online users script, did you?
My email for sending the script, is

Thanks in advance
I kind of wrote my email wrong, but anyway i've sent the files to your mail. You should have by the time you read this. Place booth files in the root and then add       <%= Application("active") %>      whereever you want it to show the ctive users.
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indy1975Author Commented:
Thanks for your response.
Please take a look at the global.asa code i displayed in my fisrt message.
In the global.asa you sent me something different? I can't see almost any difference, as far as it concerns the part of code that count active users.

Anyway, thanks for the files, but please respond to me telling me if you ever had a problem like mine, using your global.asa that you sent me.
I 'm very scared about having my site offline once again in the near future because of global.asa problems.
I need count online users, but only if this is safe. How many months(or years) do you have this global.asa in use? Everything was ok? Ever?

I am waiting your response
Thanks in advance
This global.asa has never shown any problems. It has been running for 2 years.
indy1975Author Commented:
Thank you very much.
I will upload these files, so i can see again online users.
always a pleasure :)
well I guess you could give me the points now =). Or maybe I dont deserve them?
indy1975Author Commented:
Of course you deserve them.
It is true i am new to experts-exchange, so it's difficult to remeber or to know what i have to do.
I believe i will not have problem with this global.asa anymore.

But, by this time we speak, i had a very serious problem, just happened few minutes ago: my site is offline.
The internet explorer error:HTTP/1.1 New Application Failed

There is no technical support at this time in the hosting company (now is evening), and i live a very bad experience.
Of course i will contact them in the morning, but i wonder, and if you can help me do it, what causes this serious trouble?
Every minute my site is offline, i get mad!
What i am doing wrong?
In some pages, i read this is common problem for asp. But what can I do? Just be patient and pray not to happen to my site?
Is something i must change or do with my site in order to be online again?

Please, help me to this serious problem.
indy1975Author Commented:
I forgot to say that some(a few though) http proxies, still see the site with no problem!
But the 95% of users, me indeed, cannot see it.

I am sure that this has nothing to do with the global.asa. Since you said your host is a well known an respected company this cant be their fault either. I think it has to do with the way you handle asp and html, cause this almost similar problem happeng to a friend and he solved it by not mixing html with asp. He said that when mixing them the browser have to switch betwen reading asp and html and that causes heavy problems. I can't back this information up cause this a friends words. I would guess that is the problem.
indy1975Author Commented:
Can you please explain me what do you mean not to mix asp and html?
My index page is a typical page made with dreamweaver. It's asp,but of course, it has lot's of tables etc, html.
It it better separate them? How? With include files asp?
Is't' it my page a normal one? It's the first time i hear about this.
I don't write code by hand, i let dreamweaver mx 2004 do this.
So what do you propose me to do?

I can't explain either how these few proxies still display the site.
But it's also strange and i tell it to you if this can help you tell me some advice, when the index.asp not displayed, my asp page which i use as a virtual controlpanel of my site(insert records, update etc), also not running.

What do you think about these?
What i have to do?
I cant really explain how it works with seperating the asp and html because i've never done it myself. Still I have to say that that fact is unsecure.

This could be your host's that can't handle gloabal.asa. You said alot of big companis uses that host but think about it how many of those uses global.asa.

Try contacting your host and demanding a resonable explanatiion and if they blame it on the global.asa then ask them if they have the correct version of it and if they can send it to you. That's what i would do ;).
indy1975Author Commented:
But, this now happened without global.asa.
And by this time we speak, after four hours being offline, the site suddenly is online again.
I know, there is nobody to the company, to do something in iis, so i could tell they take action.
So, why the site some hours is offline and then, without altering nothing (neither me, or helpdesk)?
now it is obvious that the host has a problem maybe for all their customers or just for you.

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indy1975Author Commented:
Thank you for your help, i 'll try your global.asa and i believe in what you say, no problems from it for years!
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