SMS send and receive application through computer

I am a student having a project on building up a SMS send and receive application through computer with a serial port cable. Can anyone guild me to build this application.
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I'm using Delphi tryvisiting mySMS Apps page  at for ideas.
ryukenderAuthor Commented:
thank you for ur comment, i hope that can help me
do u have an  e-mail address where i can contact you, thanks
There'a an email form there in which you can leave your message. It will automatically send me the message to my email address.

BTW, since I answered your concern, do I get the points or I did not?

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ryukenderAuthor Commented:
yeah i can pass all the point to you that is not a problem, i can event add the point, thank you for your help
Thanks. Contact me there perhaps I may help you out with your project.

One thing though, I'm using Delphi and whatever sources you may receive from me are for your reference only. They're not for re-distribution to third parties but to help you out in your school project.
I'm not an expert on PC application  programming, but I can help you to find the informations needed for the communication with GSM phones.
It's more than 5 years I'm working on the GSM/GPRS/SAT development, if you need info regarding the remote control of a GSM phone or module do not hesitate to ask questions.
ryukenderAuthor Commented:
thanks for ur help, may i know how can i address u in email or icq?
my private e-mail is
do you still require help on this topic?

When you mean serial cable port, what phone are you using? This would help us determine the type of programming tools or language you can use.
hi wyss,

i am also involving a project sending sms via gsm modem. but instead of gsm modem i am using nokia mobile 5110 model and RS-232 cable via serial port. but i dont know the starting point to start the project i want tips from you! if you can , send me some sample code to send sms via  a gsm modem my email id is

 I am  SUB DIVISIONAL ENGINEER TELECOM BSNL INDIA. Recently i have completed the project " SMS CONTROLLED  EXTERNAL DEVICES" using ERECCSION t10S  model using pic microcontroller 16f84. working very well . but i want it to do for NOKIA 5110 which do not have any internal modem can  any one give dteails for fbus mbus protocol   and give how can i achieve thisi
The url below is a project at freshmeat about a tool that can manage all nokias and at devices.
Perhaps you can found it usefull for your projects.
The project is GPL, then the source code is avaible for you, it have stable release and can handle the 5110,as you want. I hope it will be usefull for you, good luck.

hello all,
i m working on a project in which i want to send SMS with Nokia 5110 using a microcontroller.
can anyone help me with a source code in c or basic?
I just have to send SMS, not receive.
Hello ,
         Its working but partial output, please help......
        I am sandy here,my intention is to access my mobile(Nokia 3310)using serial port(F-bus). I have written a program for that with port settings(115200 bps) , and i am sending a command to access serial number of my mobile,  it is  responding, but I am getting only a part of the output. I am confirmed with the working of the caable b'caus it is communicating using Oxygen2 software.Here is copy of my programme, please do help me.

        program :

int comp=0x3f8;
int a[16]={0x1e,0x00,0x0C,0xd1,0x00,0x07,0x00,0x01,0x00,0x03,0x00,0x01,0x60,0x00,0x72,0xd5};
int d[200],k=0;

    int i,j,l;
     printf("\n entered serial communication\n\t\t\t\t");
while((inportb(comp+5)&0x01)==1)// waiting for data arrival form mobile.

//;;;;subroutine for generating the baud rate
I am getting ("1E 0C 00 7F 00 02 D1 00 CF 71
1E 0C 00 D2 00 26") this as my output. please some one help me.


I've been searching for tips on how to send and receive sms using php/mysql in windows 2000/xp. please help. Thanks!
I know how to send sms from my pc to a gateway through the internet.  I just need to know how to manipulate the nokia 8210 so that my pc would be able to send and receive sms. Thanks.
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