MS Agent...How Do You Use Buttons In A Speech Balloon?

I am using an agent character in my visual basic program, and want to know if it is possble tohave a command-button in my agents speech balloon. if not, i could use hyperlinks, but i dont know how to do that either! thanks in advance.

P.S. I am using Merlin, but i can change if neccessary.
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Da_SamonAuthor Commented:
Whoaaa! now that looks complimicated! I cant work out what any of that means! I think its a bit out of my league. Maybe it would help if i describe my situation a bit better...

Lets start out with a basic empty form, i added a MSAgent control, call it Agent1, and created a command-button, lets call it Command1 for now, that shows the assistant. that works fine. i simply used:

    Agent1.Characters.Load "CharacterID", App.Path & "\F1.acs"
    Set objChar = Agent1.Characters("CharacterID")

now i create another button, call it Command2, and want it to display a balloon that has a message and a command-button or two. how would i go about it? i use 'objChar.Speak' to make standard balloons, but how do i add buttons or hyperlinks?

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I afraid the Agent you used cannot perform such think, it is somewhat different from the one with Microsoft Office. You can try other activeX with cost:

My suggestion is that you stick to the Office solution with the link I gave you previously.

~ fantasy ~
Da_SamonAuthor Commented:
Would using an MS Office assistant help?

I'm sorry but i am totally confused with the previous link :(

I am relatively new to VB, and that example was WAY too complicated for me.

I am running out of time.
Ok, first you add a reference to Microsoft Word Object Library (any version can be)
This is done through Project->references

~ fantasy ~
Da_SamonAuthor Commented:
Ok, i have done that (version 9.0), i'm listening (well, watching actually :D )
Da_SamonAuthor Commented:
Points Increased to 100...sorry, i know its not much, but its all i have
Sorry for be late.

This will create an office assistant with button on it
Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim objApp As New Word.Application
    objApp.Visible = True
    objApp.Assistant.Visible = True
    objApp.Width = 10
    objApp.Height = 10
    'The first line is because to include some other reference
    objApp.Assistant.Animation = msoAnimationCheckingSomething
    Dim objBal As Balloon
    Set objBal = objApp.Assistant.NewBalloon
    With objBal
        .BalloonType = msoBalloonTypeButtons
        .Button = msoButtonSetOK
        .Heading = strHeading
        .Icon = msoIconTip
        .Mode = msoModeModal
        .Text = strText
    End With
End Sub

NOTE: You should have read more on the link I gave you to learn the technique used.

~ fantasy ~
Da_SamonAuthor Commented:
Thankyou...but i still have a few problems

when it gets to the line:
        Dim objBal As Balloon
it says "user-defined type not defined" and stops do i define a new type?

I have similar problem also yesterday.
You need to include another reference to "Microsoft Office 10.0 Object Library"

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Da_SamonAuthor Commented:
Thankyou, it is working opens word and then displays the assistant and  a baloon. is there any way of making word not open?

That question cross my mind yesterday also, I donn't think there is normal way of hiding it.
The situation is this: if we hide or minimize the Word Window, then our assistant wil be hide also.
There should be API of doing it. I will try and see here.

~ fantasy ~
Da_SamonAuthor Commented:

Da_SamonAuthor Commented:
does anyone know if it is possible to use hyperlinks in a normal MSAgent balloon?
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