Rename a username in a names field

Hi Experts,

Is it possible to rename a person that resides in a names field, using the adminp process ?

I have a application that's using a name field to define a group of people. When somebody in this group is renamed using adminp, his name will not be renamed in this group. I don't want to change it to a author field (so the adminp will process the renaming).

Any solutions for this ?


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Not names field, But for readers and Authors YES.

Do it manually by running an agent to look in this names field and replace it with the new name. It is easy to do in Formula language.


@Replace( NamesField; "Old Name"; "New Name");

oosterbaanAuthor Commented:
Hi Heman~

But how can I get a list of people that are renamed from the adminp process. The agent you suggest needs input ?


Yes, it needs input. If you don't want to change the names field to authors and let adminp take care of it then you have to take this rambling path..

What you should do is change the data type of the names field to authors and run toolsrefreshselecteddocs to grab the type change and then kick off adminp to act
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oosterbaanAuthor Commented:
Hi Heman,

Maybe I don't understand what you mean, but I don't want to change the names field to a author's field. I don't want to let these users become a author of the document.

Isn't there a method to get a grip on the adminp process, when it's start acting on the database ?

nope, that is the problem. Notes doesn't need to change those fields (text or names) which doesn't impact the security. So you are stuck with this. Let me see if I can find any tool to help you solve this issue.

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You could write a complicated C API program that hooks into your admin4.nsf and looks for rename requests, and fixes teh field you want.  But that's a huge investment.

You can turn it into a smaller but still big project by scanning admin4.nsf with an agent to do the same thing.

But I just want to know: is this really a problem?!?!?  How many users are there that you have frequent enough rename requests to require you to have an automated process to handle it, instead of an exception basis?
One other wy to trap this.  Renames are done most frequently by pressing an action button in the address book.  You can modify that action button.  It own't help if the rename is done via the Domino Administrator's ools -> People -> Rename
oosterbaanAuthor Commented:
Hi qwaletee,

Renaming isn't exceptional here )-: People move a lot between departments...

I was afraid for the comments from the experts on my question,  because also I have tried to find a solution for this, whitout any result. Maybe I leave it like this and do it manually.

Thx for your response !

You guys may want to think your ID/cert hierarchy.
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