Wise or Installshield ...?

Looking to purchase an installer - which one should I use and why?
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I would use Wise.

Its very user friendly and you can write your own USer Friendly Scripts
liddlefeeshAuthor Commented:
Ok. One point to Wise.

Can Installshield allow me to write my own scripts? Is it simply not as intuitive as Wise?

What about database (SQL Server/MSDE) script execution for database deployment?

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it totally depends on your requirements. i would suggest first try out with some freeware installable as innosetup (you can download from www.downloads.com) its a decent installation toolkit. makes compact installables and allows you to run some application in silent mode. if it serves your purpose no need to purchase anything. you can make an exe to run your scripts and exit after running your scripts ie like db importing etc. and call it from the setup.

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For Windows Platforms I would suggest Install Shield as it has got the windows installation engines for windows installation and merge modules i.e. msi modules are easier to install. Also if you use the express version it is damn easy to use.
liddlefeeshAuthor Commented:
The score so far:   Wise 1 : 1 Installshield

I tried looking for innosetup. Couldn't find (brief search) on downloads.com - but I'll keep looking as anything 'freeware' will help my budget a lot!

Wise is pretty expensive for my needs. Comparable packages with Installshield make it about 30-40% more expensive?!

Anyone else have experience with any other third party installer?

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if you are interested in innosetup the following link will help.

its opensource (in delphi)
If you have visual studio installed then you can use Visual studio Installer. It comes with Visual Studio
I recommend using Inno Setup as well - everyone I recommend it to goes the same way. I even recently downloaded some Microsoft freebie utilities and some packages off of Tucows that also use it.

Version 3 has a wizard, plus you can download the Delphi source code to enhance it yourself.

Inno Setup. Why bother with anything else?
liddlefeeshAuthor Commented:
vkaushik, you mean the package and deployment wizard? ... don't get me started on that one!

Ok - well to summarise.... I think Inno Setup has won :)


liddlefeeshAuthor Commented:
Thanks all. Points distributed evenly across participants. Awarded answer to bhagyesht.

calebS: its not the same asker..

my conclusion based on the above answer being accepted and

"So InnoSetup is out of the question, Wise & IShield are my two options at the moment...

Monday, November 03, 2003 "
Just being curious. I was reading the other one because it was interesting, and then when I reread it later there seemed to be comments missing, until I realised I had actually read this one first, and seen the second one later and assumed it was this one.

Completely off-topic of course, so my apologies.
liddlefeeshAuthor Commented:
Nope! It's definately not the same asker ;)

However - the post made excellent reading, thanks. I must remember to follow the advice of the last poster and quite my job to make 20,000,000 per year ote selling...
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