remote printing

I have set up a lan using a router/switch.  When I try to print remotely nothing happens.  I have set the server ip and the path to
/dev/lp0.  I think the port is blocked.  I cannot allow the port in redhat 9 setup.

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by remote printer you mean the printer at your office?
mbpssgmsAuthor Commented:
No, the printer is connected to a machine on this lan.

Also, I am about to submit another imp q about rhn, I don't know which to buy.

about buying rhn? you mean wich product to buy from redhat? I personally may go to the free side, the Fedora Project - I havent tried it yet, I may get a chance tonight.

Is this a linux or windows machine it is connected to? It's a windows machien you will need to use samba and connect to it as a samba printer.
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majorwoo is right if you wanna your M$ windoz to print from your RH9, you need to have samba setup in your linux, in your /etc/samba/smb.conf there should be an entry in Share Definitions eg.

   comment = All Printers
   path = /var/spool/samba
   browseable = no
#   Set public = yes/no  (yes to allow yser 'guest account' to printer, no for disallow)
   guest ok = yes/no
   writeable = no
   printable = yes

this will share out the printer for access.

unless your printer is shared out from M$ windoz, you need to mount the windows shared device into your linux box something like

mount //windowspcname/sharedprintername  /dev/lp0

try read the man page of mount
It sounds like you are setting up remote LPR port printing.  Try setting up IPP printing instead.

Assuming the printer is on the RH9 machine:
Open the URL http://localhost:631 in your favorite browser.
Select the Printers page and set up the printer to export.
Make a note of the printer name (not the discription) the printer name
is the CUPS queue name.  The printer queue name should not contain spaces.

On the client, open the URL http://localhost:631 in your favorite browser.
On the Printer page, select Add printer.  For Printer Name enter the same name
as the printhost uses for that printer.  (Its not necessary, but it is convenient.)
For the Description enter the pretty name you want to appear in print dialogs.
Optionally specify the printer's physical Location.  Continue onto the next pane.
Specify Internet Printing Protocol and  specify ipp://printserver/queuename  as the
network printer URI. Fill in the printer model, options, etc.

mbpssgmsAuthor Commented:
I think your method will work since both machines run rh9.  )I never use win).  I will try this when I have a spare moment.

Your reply to my rhn is the one I was after.  Pls visit

for a couple of q's and the points.

Bear in mind the defauly in rh9 is still lpr, so you will need to switch over to CUPS to use that method

(going to the other link now)
mbpssgmsAuthor Commented:

I followed your instructions to the url, but to modify or configure the printer there I need a cups username and passwd.  What do I use here, or am I going about it wrong?

your cups username/password is your root username/password - you can add other users to the cups group too if its setup

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mbpssgmsAuthor Commented:

Sorry I am taking ages, but I'm busy.

Where do I find the 'export' option.  Sinc e when I open cups this isn't obvious.

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