Printer Will not function

I just installed an HP Laserjet5L printer.  It will now print.  When I try to print I get a message that says error writing to LPT1 folled by printer timeout has occurred. What can I do to correct this?
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Depends on what the problem is. Generally, there's three places to look (assuming, since you didn't bother to say, that you have a printer that uses a parallel interface, directly connected to a PC-type computer).

1) The cable - try replacing the cable and re-sending the print job. If it prints, then the problem was the cable. When replacing the cable, make sure the connections are solidly made.

2) The PC's parallel interface. If this interface is disabled, misconfigured, or damaged, then it won't be able to communicate with the printer. Check the interface's status in the machine's BIOS and in the OS. If you have a known-good printer, then hook it up to that interface and try printing. If it suddenly doesn't work, then you have a bad interface.

3) The printer's parallel interface. Again, if this is mis-configured or damaged, it won't be able to talk to the PC. Try running a self-test and look at the port's settings. Try hooking this printer to a different PC to eliminate the printer's parallel port as the culprit.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Assume you have the correct driver for your OS:

Try the test print cycle on the printer (hold the button on the front in for a few seconds)

Try opening a DOS window & sending plain text (eg C:\dir>prn)

But most likely to be a hardware problem as described by PsiCop

M :o)

crudAuthor Commented:
I downloaded  a new driver and installed a new cable.  Neither worked.
What is a parallel interface?
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The parallel interface is what the cable plugs into, assuming this is not a USB printer. You haven't stated very much about exactly how this printer is configured, so I'm guessing, based on the fact that is an HP LJ5L, that its a parallel-interface printer.

If it is, then the parallel interface is what the cable plugs into.

Do you have a known-good printer that you can hook up and test?

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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
I'm looking at a 5L now there is *only* a parallel connection!
Did the self test work?

On what kind of computer are you trying to hook it up too ?
Maybe the cable isn't correctly hooked up to the motherboard, has happened to me once.

Otherwise, sounds like either a faulty printer or a faulty cable.

HP5L usually only work with a ||el interface - mine did. The drivers are not robust and older ones cannot cope with certain format options. However can you tell us your operating system please as it sounds to me as if you don't have the right printer driver. I have an idea that your printer is not new and it is possible that it is in fact dead. HP5L's are not worth repairing as the spares cost far too much and HP clearly do not want to repair them or make it worth anyone repairing them. Are you sure that for example the fuser heater hasn't failed? To check out the printer follow Masqueraid's instruction of "Try the test print cycle on the printer (hold the button on the front in for a few seconds)". If it does not work I would tend to think it's given up its will to live - so to speak. You can pick up HP5L's on Ebay for next to nothing! Personally I wouldn't bother with one - I'm much happier with my Brother HL-1450 - it's faster and better and its driver more reliable.
crudAuthor Commented:
I am going to speak to Environmental Innovations(the company I bought the printer from.and see if they will do somthing.
Maybe the cartridges are empty or damaged. Is any of the printer leds blinking?
By the way I didn't say that the cost of repair of the HP5L was so high (for an replacement part that should have cost let's say £10/$US15) that I just dropped the printer in the dustbin. It saved a lot of grief ! Don't get me wrong I was extemely annoyed as I am not rich.

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