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I am working with FrontPage2000 and Windows XP pro.  I am trying to design a Web Page for my students to obtain information for their various classes.  I only want students in a particular class to be able to obtain particular information.  For example, if password is Bus3214, opens form Bus Pages.  If password is CS517, opens form CS pages.  If password is CAOT82, opens form CAOT pages, etc for all five classes.

If password is incorrect, get a message box.

If password is blank, returns to default page.

Of course I will change the passwords for each every semester.

Any help in figuring out how to do this would be appreciated
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FP has built-in security to let you do this, but you will need to create a "Subweb" for each separate section.

As an example, create a folder called "Bus" and insert the bus form pages into it.
Right-click on it and select "Convert to Web"

The folder image will have changed to show that it is now a subweb. Double click the folder, which will open a new instance of FP.

Go to Tools > Security > Permissions. Select the "Use Unique Permissions for this web."

Click the Users Tab, and add your username and passwords as necessary. Check the "Only registered users have browse access."

Now anyone browsing to will be asked for that username and password.

NOTE: You will need to recreate any shared borders in the subweb if you're using them...

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This is not possible with Frontpage.  What you need to do is use an Advanced online Content Editor so that you can set up these permissions for them.  You will still be able to use FP to edit your web.   But if you want these permissions for all these different users or groups of users, then you need additional security with content editing capabilities.
I have to disagree... it's entirely possible using the steps outlined above, and I've implemented this type of security within FP many times...
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perezmAuthor Commented:

Everything worked fine, until I went to Tools.

When I go to Tools > Security, Security is greyed out and I cannot select it.

Am I am doing something wrong????

Also, a minor correction, I am using FrontPage XP.  I forgot about the upgrade.

 I don't know if this makes a difference

Please let me know.

It completely depends on the permissions your hosting provider allows on your server.  9 times out of 10, they do not allow use of this feature because of problems with folks forgetting their subweb login and the the fact that not everyone knos what they are doing when they use this feature.  I have never seen a hosting provider allow this.  You may want to ask though...just trying to help :)
perezmAuthor Commented:
I am not working on a server.  I am working a stand-alone computer.

Is there a way to make Tool > Security active so that I may use it???

That is, some setting, somewhere, etc.?

Please let me know.

Where are you hosting the web site? You can't run the site without it being on a server somewhere...
You won't be able to set permissions on the local site - they get set on the site on the server.
You mention above you're on Windows XP pro - so you do have a server - IIS5.1. However - you need to make sure that it was installed on an NTFS partition. If it's FAT, then you won't be able to set security permissions through FrontPage...
Try going to Tools, Server, Administration Home.

In the Subwebs section, choose the one you want to change.

Users and Roles is the section you want to look at.  You may want to disable Anonymous browsing.

Click "Change subweb permissions" and choose "Use unique permissions for this Web site".

Click "Manage users" and add/remove the users with passwords you want.


PS.  If this doesn't work, you might be working on the local copy of the web.  I don't know for sure, but it might work better if you open the remote version with File, Open Web, and type your web site's address here.
perezmAuthor Commented:
I have tried going to Tools, Server.  However, Server is always greyed out.  Since I cannot seem to go to Tools, Server, is there a script that will accomplish the same result???
Is the dirve where your website is formatted as FAT or NTFS?
This link will take you there too.  Just put your domain name in the correct place.

perezmAuthor Commented:

How can you tell if the website is formatted as FAT or NTFS?

As of now, it is just on my hard disk because it is not complete and I am working with the IIS.

I won't put it out until it is complete, which means I have to add a database to monitor my students records.

In Windows Explorer, right click on the drive where the web site is located. The dialog box will let you know whether it's FAT or NTFS.
seanpowell's idea works great, I use it on several subwebs and it's very secure.
By the way the what they mean by opening the site on your server means that you open it by clicking "Open Web"/
And in the dialog box type
That should open it up on your server.
Then the Tools/ Server Administartion/ Home should work!

I don't mean to be demeaning to you other guys :) When I was first learning it took me a long time to figure this simple thing out! Good Luck! Jacob Bushnell
perezmAuthor Commented:


Sorry about the delay, but I have been ill for the last week.

Please don't worry about it - I hope you're feeling better :-)

So - we need to get your site up and running. I've just read through the thread again to refamiliarize myself with it. One question - where will the site be hosted for your students to access it?
perezmAuthor Commented:

I increased the points so that I could give you both (seanpowell and JakeBushenell) credit for solving my problem(s).  Although your answer was correct and excellent, I was searching in the wrong place.  That is why I was greyed out.  And, JakeBushnell gave me the key.  Since I wanted to give you both credit and didn't want to short you points, I increased the amount and will split.

Thank you both for your assistance to solving my problem(s).

You're welcome - I'm glad you're back on track...

No problem, glad you were able to get it.

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