API Search of itemdata on combobox and listbox

I've used an API call to SendMessage using the LB_FINDSTRINGEXACT or CB_FINDSTRING to search a listbox or combo box.  It there a corresponding ability to search the itemdata field instead of the list field?  Right now I'm just using a for-next loop to search it and was wondering it that was the best approach.
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Mikal613Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Your Gonna have to do it the olod fashioned way

Public Function SearchByItemData (ItemData as long) as Integer
  Dim I as Long
  For i = 0 to Combo.ListCount

     If Combo.item(i).Itemdata = Itemdata
          SearchByItemData  = i
     end if

End Function
Its the fastest

Another would be loop through all the Entries and select the ListIndex OF the Itemdata your looking for

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Private Const LB_GETITEMDATA = &H199
rkbcpiAuthor Commented:
I looked at LB_GETITEMDATA earlier and it looks like it returns the itemdata if you supply the index.  What I wanted to know was if there was an API that would behave like the SendMessage using the LB_FINDSTRINGEXACT, but which searched the itemdata entries of a list/combo box and returned the index of the matching entry.  I am currently using a for..next look, but was looking for something that might be a little more efficient.
This is microsoft example of search using sendmessage, it will return the index of corresponding itemdata

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Such API doesn't exist since Windows has no idea what is item data - this is just DWORD, which may be, for example, pointer to some structure. You may create collection with item data as key and item index as data. However, simple loop is the best way to do this.
rkbcpiAuthor Commented:
Thanks, that's what I'm doing now.  Just checking to see if there was a better way to do it.
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