Full Duplex Synchronization between MySQL and Lotus 5

We are developing a web based solution running on Linux and uses MySQL as database. We have the challenge that we have to fetch data from a Lotus Domino 5.1 database. This works very slow because the connection to the Lotus database is slow and we do not get our client to update this. So we like to build a synchronization tool that automatically synchronized the Lotus with Mysql as soon a table has changed on either of the databases. This way the client can continue to work on Lotus and we have a copy on MySQL for the fast access on the web to keep our application performance.

I wonder if anyone ever has heard of a product that is affordable or open source. Any assistance would be welcome. I look for products, articles, links, etc. anything that would help us on either creating it from scratch or buy a existing solution.

Best wishes,
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Can't Lotus Enterprise Integrator (LEI) do the trick? I think this product used to be called Notes Pump, which is more or less what it does: pumping data to and fro. The solution will always lag behind, but if that is no issue, then LEI might just do what you're looking for.
Check this site loc http://www.lotus.com/ei

This is essentailly what sjef has mentioned. LEI is a tool which can synchronize notes and non-notes data thru replication or direct transfer activities. It also contains real-time activity which enables a seemless integration between your RDBMS and Notes data.

Hi Thomanji,

There isa facility built into the Domio server called DECS.  This facility would allow you to send insert/update statements to MySQL every time a Lotus Notes document (record) is created or modified.

It also works the other way, somewhat.  It can be made to fetch updated information from MySQL whenever an EXISTING document is open -- but that data would probably only relate to teh current docuemnt, and could probably not be used to create new documents to match MySQL inserts.  Further, teh Notes views would continue to show out of date information.

To fix that, you need to run a scheduled script to regular check for missing ySQL records or missed MySQL updates.

If the data only changes on the Notes side, never in MySQL, then of course, you have nothing to worry about.  DECS will do the job.

(Historical note: There used to be a product called NotesPump.  It transferred data en masse between two database systems, usually Notes and an RDBMS.  A real-time function was later added. Eventually, the real time piece was split back off again and "given away" with Domino, and renamed DECS, while the mass transfer component is still a separate product, now renamed Lotus Enterprise Integratr, or LEI.)

Best regards,
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ThomasPartnerAuthor Commented:

I appreciate the input and suggestions.

For sjef_bosman

Do you know if LEI is available for Domino 5.1? On the lotus site versions for 6.0 and 6.5 are available. Also we have an issue that we need to convert rich text fields to HTML and vice versa. Can LEI do this?

for qwaletee

When we try to create Activity we get the following error message:
"This operation is not permitted when executing restricted agents".
Do you know how to solve this? Also we have an issue that we need to convert rich text fields to HTML and vice versa. Can DECS do this?

Best wishes,
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
LEI did exist for R5, that's for sure. Can't remember the CD-set it used to be on, but R5 has been distributed with LEI for years. And maybe even R6 LEI is compatible with an R5-environment. LEI R5 is a user-task, and not a Domino-task. Whether they changed this I don't exactly know.

I'm not absolutely sure whether LEI can change richt-text into HTML "on-the-fly", but you could try to change the design of your documents so that the rich-text field stores HTML. Or create an additional field to store the rich-text as HTML.

DECS can be used to do a similar job, but then you have to do some programming, a lot actually. Although LEI used to cost about $10K+ and DECS is supplied together with a Domino-server, I'd still go for a standard of-the-shelf solution and use LEI.
To convert between rich text and HTML, I would use Midas, from Ben Langirich (sp?).  Top notch product.

I don't think LEI or DECS themselves directly handle RTF/HTML conversion.

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ThomasPartnerAuthor Commented:

I like to thank you all for the excellent help you provided.
It solved my problem and saved me lots of research.

All the best,
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