Windows 2000 Server boot problem

When I started our server today, Windows 2000 Server attempted to boot, got to the start-up screen (with the Windows 2000 Server Family logo) then rebooted.  What can I do to correct this problem?
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First find your emergency repair disk, - report back when you've got it.
Rob StoneCommented:
Have there been any updates applied to the server?

Can you get into safe mode or Last Known Good Configuration?

If you can get into the above, edit the boot.ini file and put a /sos switch in it and it may help, or use the Bootlogging option from F8 and view the ntbtlog.txt file to see what it falls over on.

Do you have an ERD like scenkarlsen asked?  If so try repairing from that.

Do you have a image/backup of the server with system state (registry, etc)?

Here are some links for you to look over but use the in-place upgrade as a last resort.
How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade of Windows 2000;en-us;292175

Repairing, Recovering, and Restoring an Installation of Windows 2000;en-us;268106

Differences Between Manual and Fast Repair in Windows;en-us;238359
AndyITsupportAuthor Commented:
We do not have an ERD.  I will try the above suggestion and report on what I find.  Keep the suggestions coming!  I am also increasing the point value to 275.
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AndyITsupportAuthor Commented:
A trial CD of ERD Commander 2003 should be coming in today as well.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  If so, let me know how it works.

I don't think there's any reason to wait for that (don't know the product, but it sound like something you use before the problems arise).

Focus on Stoners 'tasklist', - that's your best approach untill you get some info on what the problem is. Start by answering the questions, so we can help you in the best way.
AndyITsupportAuthor Commented:
No, there hasn't been any updates applied.
I got in the system by modifying the boot.ini file, and deleting an old partition that contained a parallel install.  
I put the /sos switch on the end and it works then.
I already answered that I do not have an ERD.
The only thing we backup is an SQL Database.

The first URL was of no help, and the 2nd and 3rd were useless as well due to the fact I don't have an ERD.

ERD Commander 2003 boots a dead/unusable system into a windows like environment so you can edit files and run diagnostics and make changes to the registry etc.  

When I got into the system, I found that I couldn't login.  Could the SAM database be corrupt?  (I was able to logon using the local Administrator account, but not the network.)
Rob StoneCommented:
What does this Server have on it?


If you have AD, is it your only server with AD? (basically trying to understand if all the user accounts are only on this machine).

If you can logon with the local administrator then the sam should be OK, although read this article from MS regarding 2000 Server and SAM's

Depending on your setup you may need to demote the server and then install AD again (take backup first)

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is the server connected to internet and do you sometimes use it for web-browsing? If so, have you installed some anti-virus on it ?

AndyITsupportAuthor Commented:
We have an NT4 PDC.  The W2k server is just a member server for web filtering, auditing, and anti-virus server.  ERD Commander should come in today.  I'll try that first.  If it doesn't work, I will research one of the other answers here and accept one.
AndyITsupportAuthor Commented:
The problem was in WINS.

Points goto Stoner79
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